What Are The Most Extreme Points Of Australia?

Lake Eyre, the lowest point in Australia.
Lake Eyre, the lowest point in Australia.

Highest Points Of Australia

Mount McClintock, 3,490 m

The highest mountain in Australia including all states and territories (including Australian Antarctic Territory) is Mount McClintock. It is 3,490 meters tall and is located on the south end of the Forbes Ridge. The mountain was discovered during the 1901–04 Discovery expedition.

Mawson Peak, 2,745 m

Mawson Peak is the highest mountain in Australia (mainland and islands but not including Australian Antarctic Territory). The mountain has an altitude of 2,745 m. It is an active volcano located on Heard Island in the Southern Ocean. The complex volcano erupted as recently as February 2016.

Mount Kosciuszko, 2,228 m

Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in mainland Australia. The mountain has a height of about 2,228 m above sea-level. It is the central feature of the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales and is a part of the Snowy Mountain’s Main Range.

Lowest Point Of Australia

Lake Eyre, 15 m below sea level

Lake Eyre is the lowest point in Australia and is about 15 meters below sea level. It is also the country’s biggest lake with an area of 9,500 square km. The lake is located in the northern part of South Australia.

The Westernmost Points Of Australia

Australian Antarctic Territory, 45°00' E

At 45°00' E, the Australian Antarctic Territory is the westernmost point of Australia when all territories of the country are taken into account.

McDonald Islands, 72°36’ E

The McDonald Islands located at 72°36’ is the westernmost point of Australia including mainland Australia and the islands but excluding the Australian Antarctic Territory. The volcanic islands are among the Earth’s most remote locations. They are currently uninhabited.

Steep Point, 113°09' E

Steep Point is the westernmost point of mainland Australia excluding the islands and Australian Antarctic Territory. The point is located in Western Australia’s Gascoyne region and is part of the World Heritage Site of Shark Bay. One needs to obtain permits to travel to the point and access is only by four-wheel drive vehicles. Denham is the nearest town to the Steep Point.

Easternmost Points Of Australia

Cape Byron, 153°38' E

Located at 153°38' E, Cape Byron is Australian mainland’s easternmost point. The cape, about 3 km from the Byron Bay town, projects into the Pacific Ocean. It is a section of the Cape Byron State Conservation Area and was named by Captain James Cook after a British explorer John Byron

Norfolk Island, 167°57' E

At 167°57' E, the Norfolk Island is the easternmost point of Australia. The island is located in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,412 km to the east of Evans Head in mainland Australia.

Southernmost Point Of Australia

South Pole: There is no doubt that the South Pole is the southernmost point of Earth and hence the southernmost point of Australia by virtue of the Australian Antarctic Territory.

Bishop and Clerk Islets, 55°03′ S

Located at 55°03′ S, the Bishop and Clerk Islets of Tasmania is the southernmost point of Australia excluding the Antarctic Territory. The islets are located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

South Point, Wilsons Promontory, Victoria, 39°08' S

Located at 39°08' S, the southernmost point on Mainland Australia is South Point, Wilsons Promontory. It is a part of the Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Northernmost Points Of Australia

Bramble Cay, 9°8'23" S

The northernmost point of Australia is the Bramble Cay. It is located at the northeastern edge of Queensland’s Torres Strait Islands. Its coordinates are 9°8'23" S.

Cape York Peninsula, 10°41' S

The remote Cape York Peninsula is the northernmost point of the Australian mainland. It is located in the Queensland state of the country and is known for its pristine wild landscape.


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