Extreme Points of Finland

The region around the village of Nuorgam is the northernmost point in Finland.
The region around the village of Nuorgam is the northernmost point in Finland.

Finland is a Scandinavian nation found in the northern Europe region and is bordered by Sweden, Norway, and Russia with its capital city being Helsinki. The country covers an area of about 130,000 square miles and has a population of approximately 5 million inhabitants as of August 2017. The area of land covered by Finland stretches out to four main extreme points in the North, South, West, and East and the four extreme points include the following places:

Northernmost Point - Nuorgam

Located at the Nuorgam is a small village in the municipality of Utsjoki in the Lapland region that is home to around 200 inhabitants. Nuorgam is not only the northernmost point of Finland but also the whole of the European Union. Nuorgam is situated next to the Deatnu River which is known for salmon fishing. Other small villages close to Nuorgam include the Tana and the Utsjoki villages with the most significant urban centre close to them being Murmansk.

Southernmost Point – Bogskar

Bogskar is an islet that is part of many other islets located in the Baltic Sea in the southernmost point of Finland. Bogskar is under the Kokar municipality that consists of many small islands that are more than 31 miles apart. Bogskar is considered to be among the remotest places in Finland that have had its separate territorial waters.

Westernmost Point – Market

Until the 1950s, Market used to be inhabited by people but has now been reduced to a skerry overlooking the Baltic Sea in a region that sits quietly on the border between Sweden and Finland. On the Finnish side, Market is within the municipality of Hammarland and holds the title of being the westernmost point of Finland. The market covers a total area of about 0.012 square miles, and is surrounded by the Baltic Sea.

Easternmost Point – Virmajarvi

Unlike the other three points, Virmajarvi is a body of water, a lake that is considered to be the easternmost point of Russia. The lake is about 0.6 miles long and stretches a bit into Russia from the Finnish municipality of Ilomantsi. The nearest inhabited village is Hattuvaara which is 12 miles west of the lake. The lake has a tiny island in the middle which has been used as the reference point for declaring the lake as the furthest point in the eastern side of Finland.


Being the furthest points in on the Finnish land does not mean that these areas are cut off from the mainland or civilization, they are all equipped with all the modern forms of transport that include airports and railways stations. The northernmost region is served by Ivalo Airport and the Kolari railway station. The southernmost point is served by Mariehamn Airport and the Hanko railways station. The westernmost point is served by the same Mariehamn airport and the Vaasa railway station. Finally, the easternmost point has the Joensuu airport and the Uimaharju railway station. The principal functions of these stations and airports are to transport both local and international tourists who flock these points every year to marvel at nature.


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