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Countries With The Most Space Travelers

62% of the world's space travelers, represented by 335 individuals, have come from the United States.

USA and USSR or Russia were the major countries who have contributed in space work since the beginning years. Later, it was followed by many other countries, both developed and developing such as Germany, China, Japan, Canada, France, Italy and more. Astronauts and cosmonauts from 40 countries have reached the space surface and have explored it according to the FAI guidelines. America, USSR, and Germany are the top three countries to have sent the most number of space travelers in space.

Top Space Traveling Countries and their Achievements

The United States of America holds the highest record by contributing 62% of the world's cosmonauts, represented by 335 individuals. Behind America is the USSR, which has second the highest number of cosmonauts to reach the space. The former USSR and present-day Russia have sent 117 cosmonauts into space making up 21.67% of the total number of space travelers in the world. The third country is Germany with 11 cosmonauts exploring the space. Since 1958, the formation of America’s space agency NASA, it has achieved immense milestones which have changed the dimensions of space research. On May 05, 1961, NASA sent the first human-piloted space flight into space. In 1969, NASA created history when Neil Armstrong stepped for the first time on Moon. Since this day, many countries got inspired and invested heavily in space. USSR’s mission Vostok 1 in 1961 sent the first human spaceflight in space. Since then, countries across the world have achieved many more milestones.

Future Plans Of Space Travel And Its Development

One of the major achievements in space traveling was the launch of International Space Station in 1998, which made possible for cosmonauts to survive in space with the help of oxygen masks and other scientific equipments. NASA’s Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams along with her mates stayed for nearly six months in space making a record at that time. After the successful travel to the moon, by 2020, NASA is planning to send astronauts to Mars. It is an ambitious mission with a lot of risks, but NASA is designing a special aircraft to ensure safety and wellbeing of the travelers. Astronauts are planning to grow vegetables, plants after the successful flowering of a flower in the space. There are challenges, errors, difficulties, and risks, but the indomitable spirit of the scientists and astronauts have made the impossible possible, and it will continue to prove this statement true in the future to come.

Countries With The Highest Number Of Space Travellers

RankCountryNumber of Space TravelersPercentage of Total
1United States335.0062.00
2Russia (includes cosmonauts from both Russia and the Soviet Union)117.0021.67
5France 9.001.67

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