Countries With The Most Personal Computers Per Capita

Personal computer use has grown considerably in recent decades.
Personal computer use has grown considerably in recent decades.

Personal computers are designed for individual use, and they can exist in the form of a desktop or a laptop. Personal computers enable people to communicate online, complete work, publish and process information, play games, and research. Personal computers are intended to be operated directly by the end-user, rather than by a computer expert or technician.

11. Hong Kong (40)

Of the 7.3 million residents inhabiting Hong Kong, 84.9% of them are internet users. The region is served by numerous internet service providers such as Pacific Internet and Netvigator. Hong Kong has 40 personal computers per 100 people which is one of the highest rates in Asia.

10. Canada (42)

Canada has 42 personal computers per capita, the second highest rate in North America behind the US. The number of households with a computer has been increasing steadily in the recent years in the country. In 2015, 88.5% of Canadians were classified as Internet users. It is projected that internet adoption will continue to increase in Canada.

9. Luxembourg (46)

Luxembourg has 46 personal computers per capita. 97% of households in Luxembourg had internet access in 2016, and 9 out of 10 residents of the country use the internet. 88% of the population in Luxembourg accessed a computer on a daily basis or almost every single day in 2014.

8. Australia (47)

Personal computers per capita in Australia stand at 47. Personal computers continue to be more affordable and Australian households have been increasingly buying these technological gadgets. Over 80% of Australians are internet users.

7. Singapore (48)

Singapore has 48 personal computers per capita and has one of the highest internet penetration rates in Asia. An estimated 74.18% of the nation’s population uses the internet. Singapore has high-quality telecommunication infrastructure which supports a growing ICT network.

6. Bermuda (48)

48 out of every 100 residents in Bermuda have a personal computer. More than 75% of Bermuda’s population has access to the internet making it highly internet savvy. The Internet connectivity rate in Bermuda has provided the incentive for many people to acquire personal computers.

5. Norway (49)

Norway has 49 personal computers per capita, one of the highest rates in Europe. The country also boasts one of the highest internet penetration rates at 63% for households. More than half of the country’s residents access the internet daily, and computer use is particularly high in schools and businesses.

4. Denmark (51)

51 of every 100 people living in Denmark own a personal computer. About 85% of the nation’s population resides in urban cities which are characterized by high internet connectivity. The Danish government has championed business and personal computer use which has encouraged more and more people to purchase computers. Denmark has 51 personal computers per capita.

3. Sweden (51)

Sweden has 51 personal computers per capita and one of the highest internet access rates in Europe. In 2016, 9 out of every Swedish household had internet access. Sweden is a developed and wealthy nation, and thus personal computers are affordable for most of its citizens.

2. United States (57)

57 of every 100 people in the US own a personal computer, and 84% of the country’s households have a computer. More than 70% of the American population has access to broadband connection making it one of the nations with high internet usage across the world. The US personal computer market has been steadily growing. The US has 57 personal computers per capita.

1. Switzerland (65)

Switzerland leads the world with 65 personal computers per capita. The country boasts a high rate of computer usage where the majority of the population make use of a computer every day. Over 150 internet service providers have set up shop in the country where an estimated 88% of the population uses the internet.


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