Countries That Produce the Most Engineers

MIT, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is one of the most famous schools for engineering in the world. Editorial credit: Paper Cat /
MIT, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is one of the most famous schools for engineering in the world. Editorial credit: Paper Cat /

The Infrastructure of the engineering colleges plays a dominant role in the study of these students as most of the fields require modern facilities and technically equipped laboratories. There are several criteria according to which the infrastructure requirements of the engineering colleges are assessed like the sporting facilities that will help the students in exercising their bodies and mind. The colleges should have gyms, indoor and outdoor sports courts, athletics tracks and much more. There should be proper medical facility in the colleges as they can employ a full-time doctor or a part time for looking forward to their medical requirements. Other requirements are related to the information technology (IT) Infrastructure of the college, students' accommodations, their educational, professional, and fraternal societies, and much more.

Reasons For Higher Output Of Engineering Graduates In Certain Countries

Here are some top countries with higher number of graduates as Russian Federation takes the top slot with 454,436 of annual engineering, manufacturing, and construction graduates, followed by the United States with 237,826. Meanwhile, those engineering graduates from Iran number 233,695 annually.


According to the World Economic Forum, the engineering/ construction/ manufacturing graduates on the top slot are those from the Russian Federation. The reasons for higher output are the advancement in the field of science and technology and the change in the infrastructure facilities. The specialist training provided in the field of engineering to the students in collaboration with the industries is also a key factor. The reformation in this field is needed to form a new generation of those engineering graduates who can fulfill the requirements of modern society. Even these engineering graduates will help in solving the problems related to the quality of education with the help of their foreign experiences.

United States

On the other hand, the USA stands on the second spot as the American leaders are in the race of matching the number of graduates with other countries who have now emerged in this field. The investments from the government in these fields also help in passing out of many engineering graduates. As the country needs a tech-savvy force to accomplish the goals of industrialization, so more concentration is being put up on the engineering graduates.


Iran, being a developing country, acquires the third spot because of its modern technical expertise and sound infrastructure. It produces 1.4% of the total output of the engineering graduates from the country and there is even a 70% proportion of women engineering graduates as the country desires to achieve its maximum potential.

Employment Opportunities And Unemployment in the Engineering Sector

There are many employment opportunities for the students who pass out as the Engineering/Construction/Manufacturing graduates, as they can opt for such career opportunities as that of a Software Engineer, a field where the pay is extremely high. Electrical Engineers, especially in the field of power and utilities engineers, have extra benefits as their numbers are low. Civil Engineers are those who are into the planning and building of roads and other physical infrastructure. Industrial Engineers are those who help in improving the production processes of a given industry. There may be many opportunities, but still the reality of unemployment exists, varying according to their respective experience in a particular area, the articulation of their skills, the level of competition in their sector, and many other factors.

Countries With The Most Engineering Graduates

RankCountryNumber of Annual Engineering/Manufacturing/Construction Graduates
1Russian Federation454,436
2United States237,826
5South Korea147,858

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