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Countries With The Largest Hindu Populations

India leads the world in terms of Hindu population, with its Hindus representing 94.3% of those found worldwide.

With over one billion Hindus, India has the largest Hindu population in the world. Following India are Nepal, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, which are home to 23 million, 14 million, and 10 million Hindus respectively. Although the Hindu populations in Bangladesh and Indonesia are large, the large populations of those countries mean that followers of Hinduism make up 8% and 2% of the population respectively.

Hinduism stands among the largest world religions, alongside the likes of Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. Combined, there are over one billion followers of Hinduism in the world today, and more than 97 percent of the worldwide Hindu population lives in India and the two neighboring countries of Nepal and Bangladesh. As one of the world's oldest religions, Hinduism established traditions associated with worship to divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, as the Creator, the Preserver, and the Transformer of the Universe. In turn, there is a pantheon of other Gods and Goddesses appearing as emanations or type representatives of this Supreme trinity. The devotion to the goddess Kali is widespread across India, and is seen as the appeal to certain aspect of the Brahman himself in feminine form as well as the Mother Goddess. The holy texts of Vedas and later Upanishads formed main philosophical principals of Hinduism. The religion considers the process of spiritual knowledge transmission from Guru, the enlightened teacher to disciple as the main factor of inner education and progress towards ultimate spiritual perfection and enlightenment.

Although India has got the biggest number of Hindu practitioners at 973,750,000, if percentage is the parameter we are looking at, then it is Nepal that has the highest population of India's predominant religion across their own country at 81.4 per cent, leaving India behind at 79.4 per cent and followed by Mauritius with 48.5 per cen

Countries By Hindu Population


India has the largest Hindu population in the world with 1,040,000,000 individuals. This number represents nearly 80% of the population. India is one of the few countries in the world where Hinduism is the majority religions. The other major religions in India include Islam, Christianity, and Sikhism, which represent 14.2%, 2.3%, and 1.7% of the population respectively. Hinduism originated in the north of India near the banks of the Indus River.


Nepal has 23,500,000 Hindus. In term of population percentage, Nepal has the largest Hindu population in the world. In celebration of Hindu culture, Nepal hostts a number of festivals every year including the great Dashain festival and Yomari punhi. Buddhism also has a strong presence in the country.


Hinduism is the second most common religion in Bangladesh after Islam. There are 14,487,500 Hindus in Bangladesh. The Hinduism practiced in Bangladesh is very similar to the Hinduism practiced in India. The high rates of vegetarianism in Bangladesh is often explained by the large Hindu population, as abstaining from meat consumption is highly revered in Hinduism.


10 million Hindus reside in Indonesia, which also has the highest Muslim population in the world. The Indonesian island of Bali is particularly dedicated to Hinduism with lots of temples, sculptures depicting science from the Hindus' famous myths, and deep rooted Hindu traditions across the majority of the island's native population.


Pakistan is home to 3,626,000 Hindu believers, and these are mostly those left in the country after the great divide from when it was formally a part of India. Pakistan emerged as a separate nation in 1948, proclaiming to form an Islamic state. It triggered the biggest migration that Asia had ever witnessed with communities and families got to move from one country to another by characteristic of their religious believe. Since then, the Hindu population of Pakistan has been steadily decreasing. Hindu parents complain that they are unable to educate their children in the Hindu tradition where majority of school offer Islamic education and daily Quran readings. More than 1,500 Pakistanis claiming themselves Hindus have been given Indian citizenship in last 5 years seeking reunification with their religious roots.

Sri Lanka

The island state of Sri Lanka is home to 2,671,000 Hindus and the country's ancient history is tightly related with Hindu's mythology and culture. Being in proximity of the strongest Hindu source, Sri Lanka had all chances to be a purely Hindu state, but the powerful 15th Century emperor Ashoka embraced Buddhism and sent his son to bring the teachings of Buddha to the island of Sri Lanka, and thus made a historic change giving Buddhism to the island and its inhabitants for centuries to come.

Hindus in the Western World

Another large scale migration of 20th Century became possible due to affordable airfares and employment opportunities in the Western Hemisphere. The 2,230,000-strong Hindu population of the United States and the 832,000 Hindus living in the United Kingdom are mostly the result of work force migrations of the last hundred years.

A Global Hindu Heritage

Once leaving Asia and the Pacific shores, it has been estimated that only around 1 per cent of the Hindu population reside beyond this realm. This fact attributes to the recognition of the Asian continent with full credit for the rise, spread, and preservation of ages-old principles and mythology derived from Hinduism that have become a valuable part of world history and global culture.

Countries With The Largest Hindu Populations

RankCountryHindu Population
6Sri Lanka2,671,000
7United States2,230,000
10United Kingdom832,000
12South Africa550,000
14United Arab Emirates490,000

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