Countries With The Highest Incidence Of Bladder Cancer In The World

Transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. The white in the bladder is contrast.
Transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. The white in the bladder is contrast.

What Is Bladder Cancer?

Bladder cancer most commonly occurs in the deepest lining of the bladder when cells begin to reproduce uncontrollably. If not found in the early stages, these cells can form a tumor and go on to infect other areas of the body. One of the most common symptoms is blood in urine. Many factors contribute to the risk of development. Controllable risk factors include smoking, chemical exposures, certain medications, and insufficient fluid intake. Older, white men are at increased risk. Bladder birth defects, chronic bladder infections, and family history also influence the likelihood of developing the disease. It is the 9th most common cancer in the world. Some countries have a higher incidence than others. Those countries with the highest rates of bladder cancer are discussed below.

Countries With The Highest Incidence Of Bladder Cancer


Belgium has the highest incidence of bladder cancer with 17.5 people out of 100,000 diagnosed every year. As the previously identified risk factors suggest, this cancer occurs more commonly in older men. Females with the disease are more commonly diagnosed at an older age than men. Due to the developed healthcare system in Belgium, the majority of these cases are diagnosed in their earliest stages.


The second highest incidence of bladder cancer is found in Lebanon. Here, 16.6 of 100,000 people are diagnosed every year. Bladder cancer is the second most common cancer in men in Lebanon. Researchers have determined that tobacco using men are 1.02 times more likely to develop bladder cancer. Exposure to diesel or other fuel fumes has also been associated with a 4.1-time increased risk in this country.


Malta is in third place with an incidence rate of 15.8 per 100,000 individuals. This figure equates to roughly 65 new cases a year, 50 in males and 15 in females. Doctors in this country warn patients that smoking tobacco is related to nearly 50% of all diagnoses. This risk is true for current users as well as previous.


The fourth country on the list is Turkey where 15.2 people for every 100,000 are diagnosed every year. Due to the high consumption of coffee and tea here, some medical researchers have studied a possible link between the drinks and cancer. No association was identified. However, tobacco use and alcohol consumption were found to result in an increased risk. This country has a health tourism industry that offers bladder cancer treatment to foreigners.

Hundreds of people in other countries are diagnosed with bladder cancer annually. The majority of these nations are located in Europe, and the associated risk factors are generally the same. For a look at all of the countries with high incidence of bladder cancer, a table is included below.

Prevention And Treatment Of Bladder Cancer

If diagnosed in Stage 1, the 5-year survival rate for bladder cancer is 88%. The stage of development of the disease determines treatment options as well as patient age and health. Treatment may include surgery, intravesical therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, or any combination of these. Because some bladder cancer risk factors cannot be controlled, there is no definite way to prevent the disease. Some lifestyle choices can, however, reduce the risk including not smoking, limiting exposure to chemicals, and increasing fluid intake. Additionally, regular screening may help to identify bladder cancer in its earliest stages thereby increasing chances for survival.

Countries With The Highest Incidence Of Bladder Cancer In The World

RankCountryAge-Standardised Rate per 100,000 (World)
17United States of America11.6
19Czech Republic11.5
21FYR Macedonia11.5

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