Countries That Use Milk Bags

Bags of milk in a grocery store in Canada. Editorial credit: Niloo /
Bags of milk in a grocery store in Canada. Editorial credit: Niloo /

A milk bag is normally stored in a pitcher with one of its corners cut-off. A standard plastic bag in the United Kingdom has 1.1 liters of milk, while in Iran, Israel, and South Africa it has 1 liter of milk. Many dairy manufacturers prefers milk bags over milk bottles because they are quite economical since they reduce the packaging cost. The introduction of bagged milk made it possible for consumers to purchase milk in smaller quantities.

Countries Using Milk Bags


Milk bags are quite common in parts of Canada. DuPont introduced bagged milk in Canada in 1967, and the innovation became famous in Canada since polybags are cheaper, less delicate, and lighter than bottles. The shift from bottles to milk bags was fueled by the introduction of the metric system in the country. Bagged milks are widely sold in east Canada, but not commonly in western parts of the country (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan). In Canada, three milk bags are usually packed together in one big bag and sold at the retail stores while some corner stores sell milk in 4-liter plastic jugs. 

The United Kingdom

Sainsbury initiated a pilot-experiment of supplying bagged milk in the United Kingdom in 2008. The project was targeting 35 stores, and the milk was being sold at the same price as the 1.1 liters plastic-bottled milk. The bagged milk was introduced to other parts of England in 2010, and they were sold at a discounted price. The main accessories sold in the United Kingdom for holding the bagged milk is a specialized plastic pitcher. The pitcher makes it easy for people to pour milk while maintaining its freshness. The traditional doorstep milk delivery is still done with glass bottles in the UK, while companies like Dairy Crest deliver in plastic bags.


Milk bags became the typical type of packaging milk in Israel during the 1960s when they stopped using glass bottles. The price of these bags is regulated by the Israeli government; therefore, there is a price difference between bagged milk and milk sold in cartons and bottles. 

Other countries Using Milk Bags

Most American dairy companies used milk bags in the 1980s, but currently, milk bags are only used in convenient chain stores that have in-house dairies. They are very common in the Baltic region and various east European states where they are also used to pack yogurts. Various Mexican government social programs supply cheap bagged milk. Milk is also sold in 1 liter and 0.5liter bags in India. Milk bags are also used in Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, and Russia.


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