Biggest Cities In California

Los Angeles, made famous by the nearby Hollywood movie-making district, is the most populous city in California with 3,971,883 residents.

California’s economy is the largest in the US and in 2015 the Gross State Product was $2.458 trillion. If California were a country it would have been the 8th largest economy in the world a head of Brazil which had a GDP of $2.312 trillion. California is the most populated and the third most extensive state in the US. The Oregon state borders it to the north, Nevada to the East, Arizona to the southeast and the Pacific Ocean on the western coastline. California is a global pillar and perhaps the most advanced state regarding technology, the internet, and entertainment. The economy relies heavenly on finance thanks to the numerous firms in the region, the government, real estate businesses, technology, and academic research facilities which make 58% of the state’s economy. The state is home to the prestigious Apple industry, Chevron Corporation, and McKesson. Also, California is the world leading producer of almonds.

The Biggest Cities In California

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, famous as the Hollywood city of US, is the greatest town in California with a population of 3,971,883. As of 2008 the city economy had a gross metropolitan product of $831 billion, the world third largest city economy after Tokyo and New York. The economy of the LA is driven by trade and commerce, entertainment, tourism, aerospace, fashion, Petroleum, and technology. Long beach in LA is the fifth busiest port in the world and is a significant port in the whole of the western hemisphere. Like any other big city, L.A is prone to criminal activities. It is the “gang capital of America” and houses about 45,000 gang members, organized into approximately 450 groups. The education sector is among the best in the whole country and has numerous universities, colleges, and schools in and outside the Greater Los Angeles area. In general, the city is the capital and creative center of the world.

San Diego

Located 120 miles south of Los Angeles, the city of San Diego ranks second among the biggest cities in California. The population, as of July 2015 was approximately 1,394,928. The city is famous for its deep natural harbors, extensive beaches, mild year-round climate, association with the US Navy, and in recent years as a health and biotechnology development center. The bioenvironmental sector of San Diego is similar to that of Southern California with chaparrals dominating most regions. The endangered Torrey pine is confined to protected areas of the chaparral along the coast. There are approximately 492 bird species making it the “birds nest” state of the US.The economy of the city constitutes mainly of the military and defense-related activities, international trade, tourism, and manufacturing industries. In 2013 Business Insider ranked San Diego as the 20th-safest city in the US. Like the major cities in America, the crime rate is declining. However, property crime rates are still high.

The biggest cities in California are not always the best cities to live in the state. Higher rates of crime, rapidly growing population, lack of sufficient infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing population often attributes negative traits to these cities. Thus, certain surveys claim that the following are the top cities in California:

Top Cities In California


Orinda, a city in Contra Costa County, has a population of 17,643 according to the 2010 census. Forbes ranked the city as the second friendliest town in the US. The city is home to many affluent professionals commuting to Downtown Oakland, Walnut Creek, and San Francisco. The prime location of the city gives it a lush landscape and has many parks and trails where many hikers and naturalists tour. The crime rate is 95% lower than California average and 94% lower than the national crime rate. The per capita income is $84,985 which is 198% higher than the national average, and the median household income is $166,866, 212% higher than the national average. Social amenities and education facilities are also among the best. However, you will spend more living in Orinda with the cost of living index being 63% higher than the average of California.

Los Altos

Los Altos is a city in Santa Clara County, California. It has a population of 28,976 according to the 2010 census. The city developed between 1950 and 1980. Commercial zones are restricted to the downtown areas; small shopping and office parks along the El Camino Real and Foothill Expressway, and the outer regions are residential. The city is ranked #2 in California with 90% livability. The city has a high income per capital of $84,705. Like most livable cities in California, the cost of living is about 64% higher than California’s median. Median household income is 156% higher than the state average making the Los Altos one of the most expensive areas in the US. Education is top notch with many public and private schools and universities. The city has a semi-rural atmosphere. Sidewalks are in commercial zones and arterial roads. There is little or no street lighting.

Biggest Cities California

1Los Angeles3,971,883
2San Diego1,394,928
3San Jose1,026,908
4San Francisco864,816
7Long Beach474,140
11Santa Ana334,909
14Chula Vista265,757
17San Bernardino216,108

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