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Animals That Start With A

In this article, we will focus on animals that start with letter A.

Animals are defined as eukaryotic organisms that have numerous cells. Their genetic kingdom is referred to as animalia. It is believed that the sum of all animal species is about seven million but only about 1.5 million of them have been discussed. Out of the 1.5 million, approximately one million are insects. Apart from a few exceptional animals, most animals reproduce sexually, consume organic substances, and have the ability to move. In this article, we will focus on animals that start with letter A.

Animals that start with letter A


An alligator is grouped as a reptile from the Alligatoridae family. It preys on turtles, fish, and snakes. The two existing species of the alligator are the Chinese alligator and the American alligator. An alligator can live up to 30-60 years. A mature alligator weighs up to 450 kilograms and is about 4.4 meters long.


An armadillo is a mammal that is classified as an omnivore. In terms of appearance, it has a leather-like type of shell. On average, the armadillo is 75 centimeters long, however, the giant armadillo can grow up to 150 centimeters. It can live for about 12-15 years.


An anaconda has an average lifespan of about ten years. The name "anaconda" is used to refer to a group of huge snakes that fall under the genus Eunectes. Anacondas are carnivorous. They weigh about 227 kilograms and are about six to nine meters in length.


The aardvark is an omnivorous mammal. It usually feeds on ants and termites. An aardvark weighs about 50-82 kilograms and has a life expectancy of 23 years. Aardvarks are known for their digging abilities because of their strong legs and tough claws.


An axolotl, which is an amphibian, is a carnivorous animal that often feeds on worms and insects. It weighs about 60-200 grams and is 15-45 centimeters in length.

Other animals starting with letter A are the Amur leopard, the ape, Arctic fox, aye-aye, and the avocet.

Animal Classification

Animal species are generally put into groups according to similarities of certain features. Categorizing animals makes it easier to study them. They can be grouped as vertebrates or invertebrates; those with backbones are referred to as vertebrates and those without are classified as invertebrates. All animals in this world belong to one of the classes. The most common group of vertebrates includes amphibians, mammals, fish, reptiles, and birds while invertebrates include insects and arachnids.

Animals That Start With A

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