20 Biggest City Parks In The World

By Rolando Y. Wee on September 20 2019 in World Facts

This hillside montane forest in Table Mountain National Park is located entirely within the city boundaries of Cape Town, South Africa.
This hillside montane forest in Table Mountain National Park is located entirely within the city boundaries of Cape Town, South Africa.

City parks are public parks located in cities around the world which feature huge amounts of spaces allocated for gardens, strolling promenade, playgrounds, fitness trails, hiking trails, horse trails, bicycle trails, tennis courts, benches, restrooms, picnic grounds, and natural landscaping such as ponds, lakes, and streams. Some city parks are huge while some have just enough space for a walk-around with a fountain, gazebo, pergola, and garden. Although some city parks have themes like topiary animals while some display concrete dinosaurs, all city parks are in open-air spaces that permit strollers to have some peace and quiet to enjoy the outdoors to a certain extent. They are recreational spaces owned and maintained by the local government. The world's largest urban park is the Chugach State Park located in Anchorage, Alaska, US with an impressive 495,199.2 acres of parkland located entirely within the Anchorage metropolitan area.

Urban Parks With Massive Acreage

Chugach State Park

At 495,199.2 acres of parkland located entirely within the Anchorage metropolitan area, the Chugach State Park is not only the third largest state park in the United States but also the largest urban park in the world. Established in the 1970s, the park is managed by Alaska State Parks and includes numerous attractions including Eklutna Lake, Eklutna Glacier, Bashful Peak, and Eagle River. Wildlife like moose, bears, red foxes and more can be seen in the park.

Table Mountain Park

Second on the list is the 54,610.3-acre Table Mountain Park in Cape Town, South Africa. Hiking trails or cable cars leading to the top of Table Mountain, located within the park, offer wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. The rare fynbos vegetation can be observed inside the park as well as ostriches, antelopes, and Chacma baboons. The park is part of the UNESCO Cape Floral Region World Heritage Site.

Pedra Branca State Park

The 30,626.2-acre Pedra Branca Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the third largest urban park. Pico da Predra Branca, the highest point in the city, is located within the park. The park also hosts a 30-acre rainforest and lots of wild animals including over 50 species of mammal, over 300 bird species, and over 40 fish species. Many plant species are endemic to the region.  

Most Beautiful Urban Parks in the World

Urban parks are for everyone to enjoy and appreciate and that includes pets as well. A city needs a well designed park that should easily combine natural landscaping and city culture. The space should be a haven and sanctuary from the everyday rush of the city. San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is one such place where woodlands, ponds, and lakes meet to give a restful landscape. Barcelona's Park Guell, designed by Antoni Gaudi, is famous of its fanciful and colorful mosaic art. Then there is New York's Central Park which is visited annually by around 40 million people. Its attractions include a zoo, a museum, and a mall. Another absolutely beautiful and blissful urban park to visit is the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont situated on a hillside in Paris. Its winding pathways guarded by old trees that lead to waterfalls is an unforgettable experience.

20 Biggest City Parks In The World

RankNameLocationSize in acres
1Chugach State ParkAnchorage, United States495,199.20
2Table Mountain National ParkCape Town, South Africa54,610.30
3Pedra Branca State ParkRio de Janeiro, Brazil30,626.20
4McDowell Sonoran PreserveScottsdale, United States30,394.00
5Losiny Ostrov National ParkMoscow, Russia28,664.20
6Sanjay Gandhi National ParkMumbai, India25,659.40
7Franklin Mountains State ParkEl Paso, United States24,246.00
8Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife RefugeNew Orleans, United States22,758.40
9Bukhansan National ParkSeoul, South Korea19,748.70
10Margalla Hills National Park Islamabad, Pakistan17,386.00
11Rouge National Urban ParkToronto, Canada13,000.00
12South Mountain ParkPhoenix, United States16,281.80
13Changa MangaLahore, Pakistan12,423.00
14Government Canyon State Natural AreaSan Antonio, United States12,244.00
15Lee Valley ParkLondon, United Kingdom10,000.00
16Cullen ParkHouston, United States9,270.00
17Ulsan Grand ParkUlsan, South Korea8,995.00
18Topanga State ParkLos Angeles, United States8,960.00
19Namhansanseong Provincial ParkSeongnam, South Korea8,512.80
20Timucuan PreserveJacksonville, United States7,870.00

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