10 Interesting Facts About Paraguay

The Parana River on the border of Paraguay and Brazil.
The Parana River on the border of Paraguay and Brazil.

Paraguay is a land-locked country located in South America. It shares its borders with Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina. The capital city, as well as the largest city in Paraguay, is Asunción. The country’s population was approximately 7 million in 2019. Here are some interesting facts about Paraguay! 

Not So Time-Conscious 

People are rarely time conscious in Paraguay. They value relationships more than keeping time. Consequently, it is normal for people to arrive late for meetings, events, and ceremonies, and it is not a sign of rudeness.

Eye Contact

In Paraguay, eye contact is a must during conversations. It shows mutual respect and trust existing between those engaging in any form of face-to-face communication. Such is not always the case in other nations and cultures with some people believing that maintaining eye contact is disrespectful

Second Longest River in South America 

Paraguay River is the 2nd longest river in South America. The river flows through Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay covering a distance of 2,621 kilometers.

Itaipu Dam

Concrete used for the building of the Itaipu Dam was equivalent to concrete that can build 210 football stadiums. Paraguay receives 75% of its electricity from this dam which is also a binational dam. The dam is under the management of the Brazilian government. 

Legal Dueling

Dueling is legal in Paraguay. However, the participants must have registered as blood donors before engaging in a fight. Besides, a medical specialist should be present during the duel.

Tragic War

One of the most tragic wars that took place in Paraguay was the War of the Triple Alliance. Half of the male population died during the war which took place from 1864-1870. President Francisco Solano López overestimated the military strength of the Paraguayan army leading to the many male deaths.

Bilingual Country

Paraguay is a bilingual country with the first and second languages being Guaraní and Spanish respective. It is among the few nations in South America that have retained its native language as part of the official languages spoken in the country.

Wealth Distribution

Paraguay has one of the most interesting forms of wealth distribution systems in the world. 80% of its land is owned by only 2.5% of its population and only 161 individuals control 90% of Paraguay’s wealth.


Paraguay’s navy is larger than any other landlocked nation in the world. Its focus is on the rivers since the country has no coastline.

Hands Clapping 

Some homes in Paraguay do not have doors and the windows are left open due to the extremely hot climate. Consequently, guests do not knock but clap their hands to announce their arrival.


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