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Hawaii Symbols

  • Animal: none official
  • Bird: Hawaiian Goose
  • Flag of Hawaii
  • Fish: Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua'a
  • Flower (official state): Hibiscus (all colors)
  • Flowers (official by island):
    Hawaii - Red Ohia
    Kauai - Mokihana (green berry)
    Lanai - Kuana' oa
    Maui - Pink Lokelani
    Molokai - Pua kukui
    Niihau - White Pupu Shell
    Oahu - Yellow Ilima (used for leis)
  • Gem: Black Coral
  • Marine Mammal: Humpback Whale
  • Motto: "The Life Of The Land Is Perpetuated In Righteousness"
  • Nicknames: (most used) The Aloha State
  • Song: "Hawai`i Pono`i"
  • State Seal
  • Tree: Kukui Tree, or Candlenut

Hawaii Photographs

lei sellers hawaii

Lei venders, circa 1901

Hawaii Cities, Counties & Area Codes

City County Area Code
Hilo Hawaii 808
Honolulu Honolulu 808
Kalaupapa Kalawao 808
Kapaa Kauai 808
Wailuku Maui 808

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