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Mexico History Timeline

  • (1517) Spanish explorer, Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, arrived in Yucatan from Cuba; native Mayas clashed with explorers, killed over 20, including Cordoba; captured several
  • (1519) Spanish governor sent Hernan Cortes to Mexico; took control of town of Tabasco, founded city of Verazruz; Cortes began inward march into Mexico; Cortes took Moctezuma hostage, gained control of Tenochtitlan; Mexico became known as "New Spain"
  • (1521) After series of conflicts, Cortes defeated Aztecs, built Mexico City
  • (1550 - 1590) Chichimeca War - conflict between Spanish colonizers and allies against Chichimeca Indians; longest, most expensive conflict between Spanish and indigenous peoples
  • (1810) Father Miguel Hidalgo issued call for Mexico's independence
  • (1811) Father Hidalgo captured, killed at Chihuahua
  • (1821) Mexican leaders made plans to separate from Spain; Treaty of Cordoba signed marking official beginning of independence
  • (1823) Guadalupe Victoria became first elected president of Mexico
  • (1829) Spain attempted to recapture Mexico
  • (1833) Santa Anna became president after leading successful resistance against Spain
  • (1836) Texas declared independence from Mexico; Santa Anna defeated by Sam Houston at Battle of San Jacinto
  • (1846) USA declared war on Mexico
  • (1848) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended war between Mexico and USA; Texas, California, New Mexico ceded to US; US paid $15 million for the land

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