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Saint Martin

Saint Martin Symbols

Saint Martin symbols
  • Bird: Brown Pelican (both sides)
  • Coat of Arms:

    Saint Martin coat of arms

    Sint Maarten's coat of arms is made up of a shield with a rising sun above, and the island motto displayed on a ribbon below.

    The Sint Maarten courthouse is displayed in the middle of the shield, with an orange-yellow sage (the national flower) to the left, and the border monument to the right. Flying above the shield, in front of the sun, is a brown pelican (which is the national bird).

    Saint Martin coat of arms

    St. Martin's coat of arms consists of a shield containing a ship, palm tree, sun and pelican. The top reads, "Collectivité de Saint Martin." (Collectivity of Saint Martin.)
  • Flag of Saint Martin
  • Flower: St. Martin: Hibiscus
    Sint Maarten: orange-yellow sage
  • Motto: Sint Maarten: "Semper pro grediens" "Always for progressing"