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Saint Martin

Saint Martin Famous

Saint Martin famous natives

People listed are almost always native to the island. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived on the island for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the island in their personal endeavors.

  • Gracita R. Arrindell politician
  • Rhoda Arrindell educator, editor
  • Stephane G. Brooks minister, author
  • Dona Bryhiel artist
  • Alfred Leonard Conner researcher, discovered first Amerindian settlement
  • Hyacinth Conner researcher, discovered first Amerindian settlement
  • Van Delden former Lt. Governor
  • Elvis Fleming footballer
  • Esther Gumbs poet
  • Theo Heyliger politician
  • Eugene Holiday first governor of St. Martin
  • Yvette Cynthia Hyman-Connor author
  • Daniella Jeffry-Pilot educator, author
  • Joseph H. Lake, Jr. author, newspaper publisher, political scientist
  • Louie Laveist actor, director, author
  • Julian C. Lynch author, council member
  • William Marlin former governor
  • Theodore M. Pandt former administrator
  • Franklyn E. Richards governor
  • Laurelle "Yaya" Richards folklorist
  • Dennis L. Richardson former administrator
  • Jeffrey Richardson former party leader
  • Ralph R. H. Richardson former administrator
  • Roland Richardson artist
  • Willem Hendrik Rink former governor
  • Lasana M. Sekou author, poet
  • Jackson (Jack) C. Stevens management consultant
  • Asha Stevens-Mohabier educator, author
  • Tanny and the Boys musicians
  • Ian Valz playwright, actor, author, movie maker
  • Mathias Sinclair Voges politician, historian
  • Wilfred Russell Voges former administrator
  • Claude Wathey politician, former governor
  • Sarah Wescot-Williams first prime minister Sint Maarten
  • Felecita T. Williams author
  • Peter de Witte police chief
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Saint Martin Photographs

Photos used are from public domain sources and en.wikipedia.org