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Bahamas History Timeline

Bahamas's Information

Flag of Bahamas
Land Area 10,010 km2
Water Area 3,870 km2
Total Area 13,880km2 (#155)
Population 327,316 (#178)
Population Density 32.70/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Parliament) Under A Constitutional Monarchy; A Commonwealth Realm
GDP (PPP) $9.07 Billion
Currency Dollar (BSD)
Largest Cities

1400s - 1800s

  • (1492) Christopher Columbus made first landing in Bahamas
  • (1647) English, Bermudan religious refugees established first European settlement in Bahamas
  • (1666) Colonization of New Providence Island began
  • (1717) Bahamas became British crown colony
  • (1783) In Treaty of Paris, Spain ceded Bahamas to Britain
  • (1834) Slaves emancipated
  • (1940-45) Duke of Windsor served as governor of Bahamas
  • (1950) US granted military test range, tracking station for guided missiles in Bahamas by Britain
  • (1955) Freeport established as free trade area, stimulated tourism, attracted offshore banking
  • (1964) Internal autonomy granted to Bahamas
  • (1967) Lynden Pindling became prime minister; Centrist Progressive Liberal Party(PLP) won islands' first legislative
  • (1972) Britain began negotiations for Bahamas independence
  • (1973) Bahamas became independent
  • (1983) Government ministers faced drug trafficking allegations; Lynden Pindling knighted
  • (1984) Lynden Pindling endorsed as PLP leader, denied charges of corruption, ties to drug traffickers
  • (1992) Prime Minister Lynden Pindling defeated by Hubert Ingraham, ended 25 years of Pindling rule
  • (1996) Prime Minister Ingraham reinstated death penalty for murder
  • (1997) Ingraham re-elected prime minister
  • (1998) Hurricane George killed one; Atlantis resort scheduled to be completed on Paradise Island; two convicted murderers hanged
  • (2000) Sir Lynden Pindling, former prime minister, died; known as "Father of Independence"
  • (2001) R&B singer, actress Aaliyah killed in small plane crash in Bahamas; Dame Ivy Dumont became Bahama's first woman governor-general
  • (2002) Opposition Liberal Progressive Party, led by Perry Christie, won Parliamentary elections
  • (2004) Hurricane Frances caused widespread damage; Hurricane Jeanne hit Bahamas
  • (2006) Final appeals court ruled mandatory death sentence for murder breached the Bahamian constitution
  • (2007) Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham's Free National Movement won parliamentary elections; Bahamas ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
  • (2009) Bahamas Senator Pleasant Bridgewater accused of trying to extort money from actor John Travolta after his son's death; Bahamian paramedic charged in alleged scheme to extort $25 million from John Travolta after son died of seiz
  • (2010) Fugitive Colton Harris-Moore (Barefoot Bandit) crashed landed stolen plane on Great Abaco Island; Colton arrested, deported to US

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