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Aruba Facts

Aruba's Information

Flag of Aruba
Land Area 180 km2
Total Area 180km2
Population 113,648 (#188)
Population Density 631.38/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Legislature); Part Of The Kingdom Of The Netherlands
GDP (PPP) $2.52 Billion
GDP Per Capita $25,300
Currency Guilder (AWG)
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  • Name: Aruba, an autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Capital City: Oranjestad (33,000 pop.)
  • Aruba Population: 109,153 (2013 est.)
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  • Currency: Aruban Guilder / Florin
    (conversion rates)

    Aruban Guilder
    25 Aruban Guilders
  • Ethnicity: mixed white/Caribbean Amerindian 80%, other 20%
  • GDP total: $2.516 billion (2012 est.)
  • GDP per capita: $25,300 (2012 est.)
  • Land Sizes
  • Language: Papiamento (a Spanish-Portuguese-Dutch-English dialect) 66.3%, Spanish 12.6%, English (widely spoken) 7.7%, Dutch (official) 5.8%, other 2.2%, unspecified or unknown 5.3%
  • Largest Cities: (by population) Babijn, Oranjestad, Angochi, Arasji
  • Name: It is widely suggested that Aruba's name comes from the Spanish phrase "oro huba" which means "there was gold." However, it's also possible that it is derived from two Carib Indian words "ora" and "oubao" which mean "shell" and "island" respectively.
  • National Day: March 18
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 80.8%, Evangelist 4.1%, Protestant 2.5%, Jehovah's Witnesses 1.5%, Methodist 1.2%, Jewish 0.2%, other 5.1%, none or unspecified 4.6%
  • Symbols
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Aruba Trivia

Which Continent is Aruba In?

Although a Caribbean island, Aruba is part of the continent of South America. The island of Aruba is located in the southern Caribbean Sea.

What Continent Is Aruba In?

What Kind of Economy Does Aruba Have?

Aruba has a small open economy dominated by the service sector. Tourism, financial, hospitality, business, and petroleum bunkering are among the major service industries. The services sector contributes over 60% to Aruba’s economy.

The Economy of Aruba

What Is The Capital Of Aruba?

Oranjestad serves as the seat of government of Aruba, and it is also the country’s largest city situated on the southern coast close to the country’s western island. The capital city of Aruba is a popular tourist destination.

What Is The Capital Of Aruba?

What are the Seven Wonders of Aruba?

The Seven Wonders of Bermuda are the Natural Pool, the Seroe Colorado, the Natural Bridge, the California Lighthouse, the Guadirikiri Caves, the De Oude Molen, and Hooiberg.

The Seven Wonders of Aruba

What Kind of Government Does Aruba Have?

Aruba, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a parliamentary representative democratic country.

What Type Of Government Does Aruba Have?

What Languages are Spoken in Aruba?

Dutch and Papiamento are the two official languages of Aruba.

What Languages Are Spoken in Aruba?

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