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Romania History Timeline

Romania's Information

Flag of Romania
Land Area 229,891 km2
Water Area 8,500 km2
Total Area 238,391km2 (#81)
Population 21,599,736 (#57)
Population Density 93.96/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $441.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $22,300
Currency Leu (RON)
Largest Cities
  • (650BC) Dacian inhabitants first documented by the Greeks
  • (15BC) Romans extended empire, included Dacia, renamed it Romania
100 AD - 1800s
  • (101-102AD) First campaign of Emperor Trajan against Dacians
  • (103 - 105) Roman provinces, Moesia Superior and Dacia, connected by bridge over Danube River for Emperor Trajan
  • (106AD) Following Battle of Sarmisegetusa, Dacia became a Roman province
  • (395-1453) Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire) was eastern section of the Roman Empire, with the capital as Constantinople; Transylvania, Wallachia, and Moldavia made up Romania; Moldavia and Walachia were independent principalities
  • (1463) Vlad Tepes "Vlad the Impaler" became Prince of Wallachia
  • (1500) Principalities fell under Ottoman rule
  • (1703-1711) 1703 – 1711 War led by Prince of Transylvania against the Habsburgs failed
  • (1859) Moldavia and Wallachia principalities merged, modern Romania created
  • (1861) The Union of Moldavia and Walachia as Romania received international recognition
  • (1895) Romanians in Constantinople massacred
  • (1914) Romania fought on Allied side in WWI
  • (1916) Germany and Bulgaria declared war on Romania
  • (1919) Transylvania along with other surrounding lands, nearly doubled the size of Romania they became a part the country
  • (1938) King Carol II established dictatorship
  • (1939) WWII began
  • (1940) With signing of German-Soviet pact, Romania ceded territory to Hungary and USSR; General Ion Antonescu forced King Carol to abdicate
  • (1941) Romania fought on the German side against Soviet Union in WWII
  • (1944) Antonescu ousted; Romania switched sides as Soviet forces moved in
  • (1947) Romania regained Transylvania, lost it to Soviet Union; King Michael abdicated; Romania officially became a Communist country
  • (1955) Romania joined Warsaw Pact
  • (1965) Nicolae Ceausecu became Romanian Communist Party Leader; new Romanian constitution stressed the nation's control over its own affairs
  • (1977) Bucharest earthquake killed about 1,500 people and around $1 billion dollars in damage in Romania
  • (1985 - 1986) Food shortages, power outages caused by austerity program
  • (1987) Army crushed workers' demonstrations in Brasov, occupied power plants
  • (1989) Demonstrations in Timisoara triggered national uprising
  • (1989) Ceausecu and wife tried to flee country, caught, executed on Christmas Day
  • (1990) Ion Iliescu confirmed as head of state; Prime Minister Petre Roman embarked on new government reform program
  • (1991) Riots by striking miners forced Roman's resignation; replaced by Theodor Stolojan
  • (1992) Iliescu re-elected president
  • (1996) Emil Constantinescu elected president; Victor Ciorbea prime minister
  • (1997) Economic reform program announced
  • (1998) Ciorbea replaced by Radu Vasile as prime minister
  • (1999) Mugur Isarescu replaced Vasile as prime minister
  • (1999) Security forces prevented 10,000 striking miners from entering Bucharest
  • (2000) Ion Iliescu re-elected president; Adrian Nastase prime minister
  • (2000) Rivers in Hungary and Yugoslavia poisoned by escaping toxic cyanide form mining works in northern Romania
  • (2002) Romania formally invited to join NATO
  • (2004) Romania admitted to NATO; Traian Basescu elected president; Calin Tariceanu prime minister
  • (2005) Parliament ratified EU accession treaty; new leu currency introduced in Romania
  • (2005) Torrential rain caused severe flooding, over 30 died, thousands homeless
  • (2007) Romania joined the European Union
  • (2008) Romania hosted summit meeting of NATO leaders
  • (2009) President Traian Basescu re-elected by a narrow margin
  • (2009) IMG and other lenders agreed to provide rescue package of 20 billion euros due to the financial crisis
  • (2010) Austerity measures, including public sector wages cuts, led to strikes and protests
  • (2010) EU called Romania to take action on crime and corruption
  • (2010) France, Germany blocked Romania from joining Schengen passport-free zone due to irreversible progress in fighting corruption and organized crime
  • (2011) Sixty Romanian border police and customs officials detained for alleged involvement in cigarette smuggling
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Romania Trivia

What Continent Is Romania In?

Romania is found in the southeastern portion of the continent of Europe, bordering the Black Sea.

What Continent Is Romania In?

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