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Norway History Timeline

Norway's Information

Flag of Norway
Land Area 304,282 km2
Water Area 19,520 km2
Total Area 323,802km2 (#67)
Population 5,265,158 (#120)
Population Density 17.30/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $365.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $69,300
Currency Krone (NOK)
Largest Cities

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700s - 1000s
  • (700 - 800) Viking Age began
  • (850 - 870) Viking King Harold Fairhair united Norway into one Kingdom
  • (1000) Leif Erikson discovered North America; King Olav I sent mission to christianize Iceland; Battle of Swold occurred, Norwegians annihilated, King Olav died
  • (1015) Olaf II Haraldsson declared himself King of Norway after returning from war with the Danes. Over time, he converted his people to Christianity
  • (1028) King Olav II forced to flee Norway by Canute, King of England and Denmark; Canute the Great became King of Norway
  • (1030) King Olav II killed at battle of Stiklestad
  • (1031) Olav II named patron saint
  • (1035) King Canute died
  • (1045 - 1065) King Harald Kardrada fought many battles and extended wars with the Danes
  • (1066) King Harald Hardrada invaded England with 300 ships and thousands of men. Battle of Stamford Bridge was a disaster; King Hardrada was killed in battle, Norwegian losses were considerable and less than 25 ships returned to Norway.
  • (1070) City of Bergen founded
1200s - 1500s
  • (1261) Greenland and Iceland formed union with Norway
  • (1262) Iceland accepted rule of Norway
  • (1349) Black Plague struck Norway, two-thirds of population died
  • (1397) Denmark, Sweden, Norway united under one monarch with Union of Kalmar
  • (1520) Christian II, ruler of Kalmar Union, executed 82 people opposed to Scandinavian union
  • (1523) Christian II exiled after civil war in Denmark; Frederick I became king of Denmark and Norway
  • (1537) King Christian III established Evangelical-Lutheran official religion of Norway and Denmark
  • (1570) Sweden gave up claim to Norway
1600s - 1800s
  • (1660) Peace of Copenhagen established boundaries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway
  • (1814) Norway's Constitution signed; Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden
  • (1825) First immigrants left Norway for America
  • (1884) Parliamentary system established
  • (1903) Norwegian explorer, Roald Admundsen, searched for Northwest Passage
  • (1905) Norwegian parliament, the Storting, proclaimed independence from Sweden; Prince Charles of Denmark crowned King Haakon VII
  • (1911) Explorer Roald Amundsen reached South Pole
  • (1914) Norway declared neutrality at outbreak of World War I; merchant fleet sustained great losses
  • (1915) Germans torpedoed Norwegian ship Regin
  • (1918) Women gained right to vote
  • (1919) Versailles Conference gave Norway sovereignty over Svalbard Islands, other countries allowed to establish settlements
  • (1920) Norway granted Russia mining rights at Spitsbergen in Svalbard Islands; Norway joined League of Nations
  • (1924) Norway's claim on Greenland ended, Denmark gained control
  • (1929 - 1937) Norway ruled by labor government
  • (1939) World War II began; Norway remained neutral
  • (1940) German forces invaded Norway, attacked ports; Royal family and government fled to Britain to set up government-in-exile; Vidkun Quisling named himself head of Norway government
  • (1941) Martial law introduced
  • (1942 - 1943) 767 Jews deported to Auschwitz; over 1,100 Jews fled to Sweden
  • (1945) German forces in Norway surrendered; Royal family returned; Quisling tried and executed for treason; Norway joined United Nations
  • (1949) Norway joined North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • (1959) Norway became founding member of European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
  • (1960's) Oil and gas deposits discovered in North Sea
  • (1971) North Sea oil production began
  • (1972) Voters rejected Labor government's recommendation on European Economic Community (EEC) membership; government resigned
  • (1973) Norway signed free trade agreement with EEC; Lars Korvald's Christian Democrat government resigned as socialists won majority in parliamentary election
  • (1981) Gro Harlem Brundtlandt became first female prime minister of Norway
  • (1990) Arson fire on ferry from Norway to Denmark killed 158 people
  • (1991) King Olaf V died; son Herald became King Harald V
  • (1994) Voters rejected membership in EU; Winter Olympic games held in Lillehammer
  • (1997) Car bomb destroyed headquarters of Bandido motorcycle gang, one person killed, four injured; explosion at Russian-operated coal mine in Svalbard Islands killed 23 workers; new tunnel outside of Oslo drained water from nearby lakes at 10,000 gallons a minute; Dr. Christian Sandsdalen first Norwegian convicted for mercy killing
  • (1998) Gro Harlem Brundtland named head of World Health Organization (WHO); accord signed between Russia and Norway for dismantling and disposal of 90 nuclear submarines decayed in Barents Sea
  • (2000) Two passenger trains collided north of Oslo, 20 killed
  • (2001) Protests held in Oslo against murder of black teenager; no party won enough votes in election to form majority government
  • (2002) Condo-resort ship, The World, set sail from Oslo; cargo ship with 2,900 luxury vehicles aboard capsized and sank
  • (2004) Freighter MS Rocknes capsized, 18 died; oil workers carried on week-long strike; armed men stole paintings from Munch Museum in Norway
  • (2006) Eight foreign workers on Norwegian oil rig off Nigeria kidnapped; researchers discovered remains of prehistoric marine reptile on Svalbard Islands; largest underwater gas pipeline in world opened to transport gas from Norway to Britain; protestors set fire to Norwegian Embassy in Syria due to cartoons in newspaper
  • (2007) Norwegian oil rig support vessel capsized; five people missing
  • (2008) Rockslide in Alesund demolished lower floors of building, five missing
  • (2010) Three Norwegian residents arrested for ties to al-Qaeda, bomb plots in USA and UK; Nobel prize awarded to Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo; Beijing government condemned award saying it could damage China-Norway relations; Norwegian daily, Aftenposten, given access to cables held by WikiLeaks
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