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Andorra History Timeline

Andorra's Information

Flag of Andorra
Land Area 468 km2
Total Area 468km2 (#178)
Population 85,660 (#199)
Population Density 183.03/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (since March 1993) That Retains Its Chiefs Of State In The Form Of A Co-principality; The Two Princes Are The President Of France And Bishop Of Seu D'Urgell, Spain, Who Are Represented In Andorra By The Co-princes' Representatives
GDP (PPP) $3.33 Billion
GDP Per Capita $49,900
Currency Euro (EUR)
More Information Andorra

800s – 1800s

  • (803) Emperor Charlemagne recovered areas of present day Andorra from Moors
  • (1133) Count of Urgel ceded Andorra to Bishop of Urgel
  • (1278) Under terms of "pareage" agreement, Andorra adopted joint sovereignty with two co-princes, oneFrench and one Spanish
  • (1419) Council of the Land was established to deal with local issues
  • (1866) New reform changed electoral system, process of democratization
  • (1892) French telegraph line into Andorra completed
  • (1899) Andorrans built road from Soldeu to French frontier at Pas de la Casa
  • (1905) Juan Laguarda, bishop of La Seo de Urgel and co-prince of Andorra, persuaded Spanish government to construct road from La Seo de Urgel to Andorran border
  • (1910) Spring floods washed out Andorran roadway at border
  • (1911) Andorran road rebuilt; Dr. Gomma of Ax les Thermes drove the first motor car across the French border into Andorra
  • (1924) Miquel Farre, French letter carrier, introduced skiing to Andorra
  • (1933) Judicial authority dissolved council of the land after unsuccessful attempt to install a king, "Boris I"
  • (1936 - 1939) French troops protected Andorra from Spanish Civil War problems
  • (1939 - 1945) Andorra remained neutral during World War II
  • (1939 - 1945) During World War II, Andorra was used as sumggling route from Vichy France into Spain
  • (1970) Women received right to vote
  • (1982) First executive branch of government -"govern" in Catalan- took office
  • (1990) Andorra signed customs union with European Union
  • (1993) First constitution adopted by referendum which reduced feudal powers of two princes; new executive, legislative and judicial arms of government were established
  • (1993) Andorra became legally independent
  • (1993) Andorra joined United Nations, as the 184th member
  • (1993) France and Spain established embassies in Andorra
  • (1993) First general elections under new constitution were held; Ribas Reig elected premier
  • (1994) Ribas Reig resigned, Marc Forne Molne of Unio Liberal party became prime minister
  • (2001) Marc Forne Molne re-elected prime miniser
  • (2002) Government closed incinerator which had been exceeding EU emission levels 1,000-fold, caused controversey
  • (2005) Liberal party won elections, Albert Pintat became premier
  • (2005) EU and Andorra cooperation agreement went into effect
  • (2007) Andorra's population numbered about 80,000; life expectancy in Andorra reported to be longest in the world
  • (2009) Andorra agreed to ease banking secrecy rules to help other countries pursue tax evaders and money launderers
  • (2009) Social democrats won most votes but failed to gain majority in general elections
  • (2009) Jaume Bartumeu Cassany, Social Democrat leader, was elected prime minister by parliament
  • (2011) General Council dissolved over problems in passing laws
  • (2011) Democrats won majority of seats, Antoni Marti elected prime minister
  • (2012) Business tax of 10% was introduced
  • (2013) 2% sales tax was introduced
  • (2013) Andorra announced it would legislate for introduction of income tax

Andorra Trivia

What Languages are Spoken in Andorra?

Catalan is the sole official language of Andorra.

What Languages Are Spoken In Andorra?

What is the Capital of Andorra?

Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra, a sovereign landlocked Southwest European microstate. The city has a population of only 22,886 (as of 2015). It is Europe’s highest capital city in terms of elevation.

What Is The Capital of Andorra?

What is the biggest city in Andorra?

Andorra la Vella is both the most populated city in Andorra and the country’s capital. It has a population of 22,256, although the entire metro area has more than 40,000 inhabitants.

Biggest Cities In Andorra

What Kind of Government Does Andorra Have?

Andorra is a parliamentary constitutional diarchy where executive power is exercised by the government.

What Type Of Government Does Andorra Have?

Where is Andorra?

Andorra is a tiny European country located between Spain and France.

Fun Facts About Andorra

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