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Geography Statistics of Asia

Continent Size: Asia is the largest continent in area at 43,820,000 sq km, (16,920,000 sq miles)

Percent of Earth's Land: 29.5%

Largest Country: Russia, including European Russia, at 17,075,200 sq km, (6,592,768 sq miles) (see map)

Highest Point: Mt. Everest in Nepal at 29,029ft (8,848m) (see map)

Lowest Point: Dead Sea, Israel and Jordan at -1.388 ft (-423m) below sea level. (see map)

Geographic Center: Located in China at approximately 43° 40´ N 87° 19´ E. (see map)

Horizontal Width: (as the crow flies)From Ankara, Turkey east to Tokyo, Japan: 5,515 miles (8.876 km) (see map)

Vertical Length: (as the crow flies)From Vorkuta, Russia, south to Jakarta, Indonesia: 5,465 miles (8,795 km) (see map)

Note: Lengths and widths are point-to-point measurements. They are curved slightly here to indicate curvature of the earth and to make the map text more readable in some areas.

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