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Through the 16th century, Tajikistan was ruled successively by the Turks, Uzbeks, and numerous smaller dynasties, and over time, the wide variety of peoples transformed into a somewhat unorganized group of isolated municipalities and khanates, that eventually came under In 1994, Emomalii Rahmon was elected president, and rules Tajikistan to this day. At wars end, the people of Tajikistan found themselves in a state of desolation, as hundreds of thousands were killed, and around 1.2 million exiled. A cease fire was attained between Rahmon and opposition parties in 1997, and peaceful elections followed in 1999.

During the new millennium, Tajikistan saw a number of countries stationed within and along their border, including Russians atop previous settlements on the same spot. The city features wide, tree-lined streets, and for the most part, one-story buildings, due in fact to the frequent earthquakes that occur in Tajikistan.

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