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Flags, Symbols & Currency of Tajikistan

The National Flag of Tajikistan was officially adopted on November 24, 1992.

The National Flag of Tajikistan is a tricolor featuring three horizontal bands of red (top), white (middle), and green (bottom). The center of the white band features a gold-colored crown, surmounted by seven gold stars arranged in an arc shape above the crown. The red color represents sunrise, victory, and unity of the Tajik people. The color also symbolizes the former Russian and Soviet rule, and how the nation fought hard to attain its independence. The white color symbolizes cotton, snow, and ice on the mountains, as well as purity and morality. The green color represents the natural wealth and fertile valleys of Tajikistan, as well as the celebration of the festival of Novruz. Green is also a symbol of Islam - the country's predominant religion. The crown on the flag symbolizes the Tajik people since ‘taj’ in Tajikistan means 'crown.' The seven stars signify the importance of the Tajik magic number "seven" in the country’s traditions – as it is believed to be associated with a symbol of perfection and the embodiment of happiness. The red and green bands of the flag are equal in size, while the white band is thicker in width. The width ratio of the three stripes of the flag is 2:3:2. The flag has a width-to-length proportion ratio of 1:2.

History of the Flag of Tajikistan: 

The empires that have ruled Tajikistan include Samanid Empire, Sasanian Empire, Achaemenid Empire, Hephthalite Empire, the Timurid dynasty, Mongol Empire, Russian Empire, and the Soviet Union which was dissolved in 1991 when Tajikistan became an independent nation. Before its adoption and the country’s independence, Tajikistan’s flag closely resembled the Soviet Union flag design. This flag was in use from 1953 until 1991. Following independence, the former Soviet-era flag was redesigned to represent the newly created free nation of Tajikistan. The hammer and sickle were first removed in 1991, but a more significant redesign of the flag in 1992 resulted in the current Tajikistan flag. The current flag still displays the colors from its original republic flag. The red color is from the Russian flag; green is symbolic of its agricultural products, and white represents the cotton crop. The centered crown with seven stars is said to represent the country's independence.

Historical and Other Flags of Tajukistan

Flag of Tajikistan under Soviet Union

Red, white, green, and red horizontal stripes with the Union symbol on upper hoist
Red, white, green, and red horizontal stripes with the Union symbol on upper hoist

Post Soviet flag of Tajikistan

Red, white, green, and red horizontal stripes
Red, white, green, and red horizontal stripes

Symbols of Tajikistan

The National Coat of Arms of Tajikistan

The National Coat of Arms/Emblem of Tajikistan was adopted in 1993. It is composed of the Pamir Mountains surrounded by cotton on one side and wheat on the other, both wrapped in a banner displaying the national colors. A Royal Crown and seven stars hover above the mountains and the rising sun. A book makes up the base.

National Motto

“Workers of the world, unite!”

National Anthem

  • Anthem Title: "Surudi Millí" 
  • Music Composer: Suleiman Yudakov
  • Lyricist: Gulnazar Keldi
  • Date of Adoption: September 7, 1994. 

"Surudi Millí" is the national anthem of Tajikistan. The music of the anthem have been composed by Suleiman Yudakov. The lyrics of the anthem have been authored by Gulnazar Keldi. The anthem was officially adopted on September 7, 1994. 

Суруди Миллӣ (Tajik)

Диёри арҷманди мо,

Ба бахти мо сари азизи ту баланд бод,

Саодати ту, давлати ту бегазанд бод.

Зи дурии замонаҳо расидаем,

Ба зери парчами ту саф кашидаем, кашидаем.

Зинда бош, эй Ватан,

Тоҷикистони озоди ман!

Барои ному нанги мо

Ту аз умеди рафтагони мо нишонаӣ,

Ту баҳри ворисон ҷаҳони ҷовидонаӣ,

Хазон намерасад ба навбаҳори ту,

Ки мазраи вафо бувад канори ту, канори ту.

Зинда бош, эй Ватан,

Тоҷикистони озоди ман!

Ту модари ягонаӣ,

Бақои ту бувад бақои хонадони мо,

Мароми ту бувад мароми ҷисму ҷони мо,

Зи ту саодати абад насиби мост,

Ту ҳастиву ҳама ҷаҳон ҳабиби мост, ҳабиби мост.

Зинда бош, эй Ватан,

Тоҷикистони озоди ман

Our country so beloved,

Happy we are to see thy dignity.

Let thy joy and prosperity fore’er be.

For aeons have we new horizons reached;

Together aligned we stand under thy flag – under thy flag.

Long live my homeland,

My free Tajikistan!

Thou art our symbol tribal,

Thou showest us our hope of the departed,

Thou art for thy sons a world eternal,

Thy spring shall ne’er fade away,

We shall continue to remain loyal to thee – loyal to thee.

Long live my homeland,

My free Tajikistan!

Thou art a mother of us all,

Thou ’long with thy future are our future,

Thine essence is the essence of our bodies and souls,

Thou giv’st us amaranthine happiness,

Because of thee, Tajikistan, we love the world – love the world.

Long live my homeland,

My free Tajikistan!

The Currency of Tajikistan is the Tajikistan Somoni

The current official currency of Tajikistan is the Tajikistan Somoni. It was launched on October 30, 2000, at the exchange rate of 1 Somoni to 100 dirams.

The currency is named after Ismail Samani – the father of the Tajik nation. The National Bank of Tajikistan is responsible for issuing banknotes and coins used in the country.


Currently, coins in denominations of 1,5,10,20,25,50 dirams and 1, 3, 5 somoni are in circulation.

The first coins were issued in 2001. They were in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 25, and 50 dirams and consisted of brass clad steel somoni. In 2003, bimetallic somoni coins were traduced into circulation in the country. Each year, all somoni coins are changed to commemorate certain events in the country. Somoni coins in the denomination 5 were dedicated to celebrating the anniversary of the country when it adopted a new constitution and somoni coins with the denomination of 3 to commemorate the anniversary of Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan. In June 2012, they issued the second circulation of coins which included 1 somoni and 5, 10, 20, and 50 dirams.


Currently, banknotes in denominations of 1,5,20,50 diram, 1,3,5,10,20,50,100,200,500 somoni are in circulation.

Tajikistan Somoni Banknote

Tajikistan 5 Somoni Banknote
Tajikistan 5 Somoni Banknote

Tajikistan Somoni Coin

Tajikistan 1 Somoni Coin
Tajikistan 1 Somoni Coin

Historical currencies of Tajikistan

The earliest currency in Tajikistan was in the form of bronze coins. These coins were minted during the rule of different empires in Tajikistan. The first ones in the 3rd century BC were large bronze coins (tetradrahma) and had the name and portrait of the king who ruled at that time. There were also gold and copper coins used in the region. Tajikistani ruble was the currency of Tajikistan from May 10, 1995, to October 29, 2000. The Tajikistani ruble was divided into 100 tanga, and no coin or banknotes were issued denominated in tanga. However, only one commemorative coin was issued in Tajikistani ruble for use in collectors’ market only. Tajikistani ruble banknotes were similar to the Soviet ruble banknotes series of 1961, 1991, and 1992. After independence, Tajikistani continued to use the Soviet ruble for a few years just like the other members of the former Soviet Union. On July 26, 1993, the Soviet ruble was no longer a legal tender in Russia because a new series of Russian rubles were released. On January 8, 1994, the Russian rouble ceased to be the legal tender in Tajikistan and the Tajikistani ruble replaced it at a rate of 1 Tajikistani ruble to 100 Russian rubles. The Tajikistani ruble was later destroyed by inflation and was replaced by Tajikistan Somoni. Tajikistan Somoni Banknotes in the form of dirham were also issued during the launch to help ease the circulation of the currency. A year later after introducing the diram notes, diram coins were introduced to slowly get rid of diram notes and create an efficient monetary system, which marked the first time Tajikistan used coins.

Tajikistani ruble Banknote

Tajikistani 1 ruble Banknote
Tajikistani 1 ruble Banknote

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