Kashmir Region Map, Landforms of Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan Map, Western China

map of the kashmir region, kashmir region map
Kashmir is an area on the northern borders of India and Pakistan and the southwestern border of China. 

This area has been in dispute between India and Pakistan since they gained independence from the British in 1947. Both countries claim Kashmir as a part of their country, and as a result, numerous military actions have occurred, and their on-going disagreements are always in the news. 

The Kashmir Region is about 85,000 sq. miles in size, and because of the breathtaking mountains scenery, is often referred to as the "Switzerland of the East." 

Over 12.5 million Kashmiri people live in the area. Many farm the fertile valley, while others work in the famous Kashmir wool industry, producing carpets and shawls. 

Most of those people, and the areas where they live and work, were completely devastated by the October, 2005, earthquake.  

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