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Timor-Leste Geography

East Timor landforms

East Timor is surrounded by a flat plain that rises abruptly into the foothills of the rugged mountains that run through its heart.

The loftiest peaks are found in the Ramelau Range, where the country's highest point, Foho Tatamailau, is located at 9,721 ft. (2,963 m).

Meandering rivers have formed deep gorges through the mountains. The most significant rivers are the Lakla, Lies and Seical. In addition, dozens of smaller rivers drain the land.

Timor-Leste's Information

Flag of Timor-Leste
Land Area 14,874 km2
Total Area 14,874km2 (#154)
Population 1,261,072 (#156)
Population Density 84.78/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $4.98 Billion
GDP Per Capita 4,200$
Currency Dollar (USD)
More Information Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste Photographs

East Timor landscape

The landscape of East Timor Hpgrumpe at en.wikipedia

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