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Bahrain Geography

Bahrain's Information

Flag of Bahrain
Land Area 760 km2
Total Area 760km2 (#172)
Population 1,378,904 (#154)
Population Density 1,814.35/km2
Government Type Constitutional Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $66.37 Billion
GDP Per Capita $50,300
Currency Dinar (BHD)
More Information Bahrain
Largest Cities

Bahrain is an archipelago comprised of one large island, and an additional 32 smaller islands.

Nearly 92% of Bahrain is a desert with low-lying rocky and sandy plains. Coastal salt marshes are common in the central and southern reaches, and there are no significant rivers or lakes.

The Persian Gulf is the lowest point of the country (0 m) and extensive coral reefs cover the northern part of the island

Within the interior of Bahrain there sits an escarpment named Jabal ad Dukham, and it is the highest point of the country, reaching 400 ft. (122 m).

In addition to the various smaller islands within the archipelago, the remaining islands of Bahrain include Umm as Sabaan, Nabih Saleh, and Jidda Island.

Freshwater springs and date palm groves dot the landscape of Nabih Saleh, while Jidda's rocky terrain plays host to a state prison converted into a holiday resort. The remaining uninhabited islands serve as nesting sites for migratory birds.

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