About Lakes of the World

As humans, water is what sustains us. Freshwater, to be exact, may be the most essential element on Earth, and humans have found many different ways to exploit it over the years. Whether it's helping us transport our goods, acting as an environment for the food we eat or providing water for us to drink, there is no denying how important lakes are. Though we may not be sure of which country has the most lakes, there are certainly beautiful lakes to be found all over the world, from the Great Lakes (of both North America and Africa) and beyond. 

Lakes of the World Trivia

Which Country Has the Most Freshwater?

Brazil, Russia, and the United States have the most freshwater of any country. Brazil alone has around 12% of the world's total freshwater.

Which Country Has the Most Fresh Water?

Which Country Has the Most Lakes?

When counting the official lakes in a country, Finland has the highest number of lakes. It is estimated that Finland has 187,888 official lakes.

Which Country Has the Most Lakes?

What is the Biggest Lake in Canada?

Lake Superior, the largest North American lake, is also Canada’s largest lake. The lake is shared between the US and the Canadian province of Ontario. It has a surface area of 82,100 square kilometers.

The Largest Lakes in Canada

What is the Largest Lake in South Australia?

Lake Eyre is the largest lake in the state of South Australia, as well as Australia as a whole. It has a surface area of 9,500 sq km.

The Largest Lakes In Australia