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Where is Adams County, North Dakota?

location of Adams county on a map

Adams County is a county equivalent area found in North Dakota, USA. The county government of Adams is found in the county seat of Hettinger.

With a total 2,560.8 sq. km of land and water area, Adams County, North Dakota is the 783rd largest county equivalent area in the United States. Home to 2,384 people, Adams County has a total 1380 households earning 47798 on average per year.

Adams County, North Dakota - Quick Facts

FIPS Code 38001
Area Codes 701
Time Zone MST
Major Cities Hettinger (population: 1,791), Reeder (population: 318)
Land Area 920 sq miles
Water Area 988 sq miles
Household Income $47,798
Housing Units 1,380
Median Home Value $106,300
High School Grads 93% of population
Holders of Bachelors Degrees 23% of population
Retail Spending $13,406 per capita

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This page was last updated on June 30, 2016.