Wide angle view down North Congress Street on a sunny, blue sky, spring day in York, South Carolina. Editorial credit: Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock.com

York, South Carolina

York is a small city with a lot of southern charm and a small-town hospitality feel. York, which was established in 1785, serves as the county seat of York County in the US State of South Carolina. As a result of the War of the Roses in England, between the House of Lancaster and the House of York, this small city was nicknamed the "White Rose City." Over 8,615 people live in York, which is one of the country's most significant historic districts. 

Geography And Climate Of York

Sunset landscape over York, South Carolina
Sunset landscape over York, South Carolina. 

York is placed at an elevation of 232 m and is situated approximately 21 km west of Rock Hill and 43 km southwest of Charlotte. York is located within the Olde English District of South Carolina. The 264-acre historic district, one of the largest in the state, is reflected in the beauty of the homes on Liberty, Madison, Kings Mountain, Jefferson, and Congress Streets. Nearby cities to York include Sharon, Hickory Grove, and Smyrna from the west, Clover from the north, Newsport and Rockhill from the east, and McConnells from the south. York covers a total area of 22.27 sq. km, divided into 21.96 sq. km of land and 0.31 sq. km of water.

According to the Köppen climate classification, York has a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and very cold, snowy, and windy winters. The average annual temperature is 15.6°C, with July and January recording the highest (26.6°C) and lowest (4°C) average temperatures, respectively. On average, York gets 1173.5 mm of precipitation yearly, with July reporting the highest number (119.4mm). The snowy period occurs between December and March. However, the rainy season lasts the entire year. 

History Of York

Front diagonal view of historic 1914 Gillespie House and First Presbyterian Church buildings in York, South Carolina
Front diagonal view of historic 1914 Gillespie House and First Presbyterian Church buildings in York, South Carolina. Editorial credit: Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock.com

The Catawba Indians were the area's earliest inhabitants. In the 1750s, immigrants from Pennsylvania and Virginia headed south and made their way to York. The English arrived in Pennsylvania first, followed by the Germans and finally the Scots. Early immigrants had taken the county names of Lancashire, Cheshire, and Yorkshire from England to Pennsylvania and then on to South Carolina. Due to a tavern owned by the two brothers, William and John Fergus, at a crossroad, the town of York was formerly known as Fergus's Crossroads. A state legislation that was in effect when the county of York was incorporated in 1785 mandated that every county built a courthouse and other buildings in the county's most convenient location. The newly created county elected to locate the county seat at Fergus' Crossroads because it was close to the county's geographic center. Before the American Civil War, the town developed a reputation as a summer resort for several Lowcountry landowners, and its population gradually increased. On July 3, 1802, the town, then known as Yorkville, received a US Post Office, with Mr. John McCaw serving as its first Postmaster. The town was officially incorporated as "Yorkville" in 1841. The Post Office Department formally changed the city's name to York on June 9, 1915.

The Population And Economy Of York

As per the latest US Census, York has a population of 8,615 residents, where 52.3% are females and 47.7% are males. The city's racial makeup is 53.5% white (non-Hispanic/Latino), 35.7% African-American or Black, and 5% Hispanic or Latino. The rest is distributed among American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) and other races. English is spoken by 96.9% of the population. The remaining speak Spanish (2.3%) and Indo-European languages (0.3%). Only 8.4% of the population in York are naturalized US citizens. And veterans make up 8.5% of York's population, of which 83.3% are males, and 16.7% are females. As per the same 2020 Census, the employment rate in York is 56.4%, with a poverty rate of 21.4%. The homeownership rate is 61%, where the median gross rent cost is $671 per month, with a median household income of $42,244.  

Attractions In York

The 1914 York County Courthouse in York, South Carolina
The 1914 York County Courthouse in York, South Carolina. Editorial credit: Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock.com

The McCelvey Center

The 500-seat Lowry Family Theater is part of the McCelvey Center, which served as the original location of Yorkville Female College when it was established in 1852. The ancient theater, which holds the yearly Southern Sound Series and is renowned for its exceptional acoustics, provides a cozy atmosphere. The Lowry Family Theater's goal is to provide a top-notch setting for community enrichment while showcasing the distinctive history of the Carolina Piedmont via the performing arts.

York Recreation Complex

The 25-acre York Recreation Complex serves various purposes and has 18 championship horseshoe courts, two picnic pavilions, five lighting ball fields, and lighted walking pathways.

Sylvia Theater

Sylvia Theater is a small, charming location for first-run films, various live music performances, and private parties. It is South Carolina's most unique theater. The original building is nearly a century old and has housed everything from a hardware shop to a warehouse for school supplies.

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