Wyoming, Delaware.

Wyoming, Delaware

Wyoming is a small town situated in Kent County in the US State of Delaware. The town is known for its attractive culture and strong agricultural heritage, and it is a beautiful place for shopping, touring parks, and attending local events and activities. Fifer's Orchards, a lovely farm, country store, and popular destination for visitors looking for fresh and homemade food is also located in Wyoming. This one-of-a-kind town is affectionately called "The Best Little Town in Delaware." 

Geography And Climate Of Wyoming

Wyoming covers a total area of 1.9 sq. km, of which 1.8 sq. km is occupied by land, and 0.10 sq. km is covered by water. Wyoming is situated approximately 3.32 miles southwest of the state's capital Dover. The town forms a part of the Dover, Delaware, Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all the cities and towns in Kent county.

According to the Köppen climate classification, Wyoming experiences a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and cold to mild winters. The average yearly temperature is 14°C, with July and January recording the highest (25°C) and lowest (2°C) average temperatures, respectively. On average, Wyoming gets 50mm of precipitation each month. The sky is mostly cloudy between November and July. The rest of the year is mostly clear. The average annual relative humidity is around 73%, with a wind speed of 13km/h.

Brief History Of Wyoming

Railroad depot in Wyoming Historic District in Wyoming, Delaware
Railroad depot in Wyoming Historic District in Wyoming, Delaware. Image Credit: William Grimes via Wikimedia Commons. 

Wyoming was created in 1856 in the vicinity of the Pennsylvania Railroad. When John T. Jakes came to Wyoming to take over the offices for the Delaware Railroad and the Express Company, there was just a mill and two residences. Mr. Jakes stayed involved in the town for many years, subsequently playing a crucial part in establishing a Post Office in Wyoming. By 1860, Wyoming had developed into a tiny community called "Camden Station" or "West Camden." Reverend John J. Pierce of the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania arrived at "West Camden" in 1865 and planned out the town. In the same year, the inhabitants of "West Camden" agreed to alter the name of their community to Wyoming in honor of Reverend Pierce. In the following years, the town grew in population, bringing many individuals from Reverend Pierce's previous home in Wyoming Valley. People from the town's south and northwest also contributed to the population boom noted during this period. Wyoming was constituted as a town by the Delaware General Assembly on March 20, 1869. Population increase and the formation of establishments continued in the years that followed. In the 1860s, peach and apple harvests had grown commercially significant in the Delaware region. Wyoming was the principal shipping port for this region. Wyoming was known as the "Peach Center" of Delaware. Fifer Orchards still send seasonal vegetables all over the world. Every year on the first Saturday in August, the town honors the traditional significance of peaches to the area with the annual Peach Festival.

The Population And Economy Of Wyoming

As per the latest US Census, Wyoming has a population of 1,680 residents. The town's racial makeup is 55.2% white (Hispanic/Latino and non-Hispanic/Latino) and 29.14% African-American or Black. The remaining are distributed among Asians and other races (both mixed and not). English is spoken by 94.2% of the population. The rest speak Spanish (2.8%), Asian and Pacific Islander languages (2%), and Indo-European languages (1%). Only 67.3% of the population in Wyoming are naturalized US citizens. And veterans make up 14.3% of Wyoming’s population, of which 91% are males, and 9% are females. As of the same 2020 Census, 49.3% of the population are employed, with a poverty rate of 8.4%. The homeownership rate in Wyoming is 72.3%, where the median gross rent cost is $1,103 per month.

Attractions In Wyoming

Wyoming Peach Festival

Handmade Gourd Crafts Booth at the Annual Peach Festival in Wyoming, Delaware
Handmade Gourd Crafts Booth at the Annual Peach Festival in Wyoming, Delaware. Editorial credit: Foolish Productions / Shutterstock.com

This festival is held each year on the 1st Saturday in August from 9 am till 3 pm. At the festival, one will stumble upon crafters, vendors, food, community displays, political displays, and many other fun activities.

Fifer’s Farm Store

Since 1919, this has been a Delaware farming tradition. Quality fruits and vegetables are grown on the farm. Fifer Orchards hosts several festivals and special events, such as Fifer's Fall Fest. One can pick one's own fresh local fruit, fresh bread, their renowned apple cider donuts, homemade ice cream, local honey, meats, eggs, dairy products, and much more available at the Farm Store.

Simply charming

"Simply Charming of Wyoming" is a visual treat as well as a place worth exploring. This beautiful boutique offers two fantastic sites with a tasteful mix of old and new. The open areas are filled with lovely vignettes. Artfully arranged vintage items, like antiques and home/garden accessories, will pique one's interest.

Wild Quail Golf And Country Club

Wild Quail is an excellent choice for any special event. Whether one is planning a professional corporate gathering, an exquisite sit-down dinner, a wedding ceremony, a group pool party, or an entertaining golf tournament, the expert team at Wild Quail will work to create an amazing experience.

Wyoming is one of those charming small towns with a strong economic basis and an interesting history. The lovely environment and rich heritage of the area give the visitor a sense of warmth and hospitality.

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