What Is the Capital of Delaware?

The Delaware State Capitol Building, Dover.

The capital of Delaware is the city of Dover. Delaware is categorized as the 2nd smallest state amongst the fifty states of USA. Despite its small size, the state has a high population density coming 6th in the list for densely populated states in the USA.


The capital of Delaware was initially in New Castle but was transferred to Dover in the year 1777. The main motive for this was to locate the capital of Delaware in a more secure place where raiders would not access it easily. The central position hence made Dover the ideal location for the capital. Back in the early days, Dover central square was home to numerous rallies of all types from political to religion to social gathering as well as other types of events.


Dover falls under the category of state capitals not served by the interstate highways. However, it has developed several transportation routes and linkages for road transport. Air transport is also available in the capital with the capital having an air force base of its own. Rail transport is also present in Dover as it is located along the former Pennsylvania railway line. The municipality heads led by the capital mayor have put their best forward to provide necessary amenities to the businesspersons and residents in the capital. The capital is graced with a mega healthcare facility, the Bay-health Medical Center, that provides both inpatient and out-patient services to the residents. Dover is also home to a number of colleges and universities.


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