Atlantic Ocean Paradise, Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach is a quaint beachfront community situated along the US State of Florida’s Treasure Coast. With a favorable climate to flaunt throughout the year, many are attracted by the abundance of wildlife and sandy beaches along the Atlantic Coastline. With numerous points of interest at one’s disposal, visitors can enjoy several historic buildings, including some national registrars, shop on the miracle mile, or stay at the Disneyland Vero Beach Resort. Whether it is sun or fun, there’s plenty to go around for everyone who visits Vero Beach.

Geography And Climate Of Vero Beach

Atlantic Ocean Beach at Vero Beach, Florida
Atlantic Ocean Beach at Vero Beach, Florida. 

Vero Beach is located on the eastern portion of the Florida Peninsula, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Found in Indian River County, this city occupies 34.72 sq. km around the Indian River Lagoon. The capital city of Tallahassee is approximately 350 miles to the northwest. Of other substantial cities: Melbourne is about 35 miles north northwest, Lakeland is about 105 miles west-northwest, and West Palm Beach is about 80 miles south. With proximity to many attractions, Vero Beach serves as a day trip for the following: Walt Disney Resorts is about 100 miles south-southwest, and the Kennedy Space Center is about 85 miles south-southwest.

According to the Köppen Climate Classification, Vero Beach experiences a humid subtropical climate. The city has four seasons that see hot, wet summers and cool, windy winters. The average temperature is 73.2 °F, with a yearly high of 81.8 °F and a yearly low of 62.9 °F. Of the 125.8 days that produce precipitation, there is a total of 54.3” of rainfall and 0.0” of snowfall. September is the wettest month, which averages 15 days of rain, and February sees the least amount of rain with seven days total. On average, there are 232 days of sunshine that see an annual UV Index of 6.1.

History Of Vero Beach

Vero Railroad Station, Vero Beach, Florida
Vero Railroad Station, Vero Beach, Florida. Image Credit: Robert Lawton via Wikimedia Commons

Around the 1880s, the first settlers arrived in Vero Beach and established the small community of Vero. At this time, the dwelling consisted of a post office, a citrus plantation, and a store. The following decade saw the development of the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Indian River Railroad in Vero. This railroad line was the vision of Henry Flagler, whose goal was to build a railroad to Key West. Aside from connecting a large uninhabited swath of Florida, it also permitted building supplies to move, improved commerce, and made farming and agriculture easier. 

The Indian River Farm Company would transform the landscape of Vero with a land reclamation project of 44,000 acres along the Indian River in 1912. It took three years to complete and beautify Vero with extensive landscaping. On this note, many of these neighborhoods still exist in the present, and visitors can see these historical buildings. Furthermore, 1919 saw the incorporation and renaming of the area to Vero Beach, but it was not until 1947 that Vero Beach got its historical nickname of “Dodgertown.” The Brooklyn Dodgers selected a former Naval Air Base as their training facility after the end of World War II. Although no longer home to the Dodgers, this facility serves as an operating airport today.

The Population And Economy Of Vero Beach

Aerial shot of Vero Beach hotels and condominium buildings
Aerial shot of Vero Beach hotels and condominium buildings. 

As per the latest US Census, Vero Beach has a population of 16,580 residents. This is an increase of 1.38% from the number last reported in the 2010 census. Covering a total area of 34.72 sq. km, Vero Beach has a population density of 549.10 people per sq. km. Females account for 54.36% and males 45.64% of this population. The median household income is $92,654, and the gross monthly rent is $906. Overall, 11.05% of Vero Beach residents live below the poverty line. As for cultural/racial breakdown: 84.83% identified as white, 6.00% were African American, 4.68% identified as two races or more, 1.93% were Asian, 1.74% were of another race, 0.76% were Native American, and 0.06% were Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

As of May 2022, the unemployment rate for Vero Beach was 2.9%, unlike the national unemployment rate, which was 3.6% for the same reported period. The primary industries that constitute the economy are as follows: retail trade accounting for 13.7% overall, healthcare and social assistance for 12.6%, and accommodation and food services for 11.2%. The top paying jobs come from the following sectors: finance and insurance grossing $102,885, scientific and editing services at $53,856, and public administration at $51,103. Of the 7,340 employed, 1,056 work in retail trade, 858 in healthcare and social assistance, and 688 in accommodation and food services.

Attractions Around Vero Beach

The Riverside Cafe on the Indian River in Vero Beach, Florida at dusk
The Riverside Cafe on the Indian River in Vero Beach, Florida at dusk. Editorial credit: Robert H Ellis /

Vero Beach Museum of Art

Art is all around in Vero Beach, and the Vero Beach Museum recognizes the significance of art with local, state, and national exhibits. Besides exhibits and galleries, this multipurpose facility contains a sculpture garden, performances, film studies, and seminars. It caters to all ages with a children's gallery and is sure to be an afternoon well spent through visual exploration.

Indian River Citrus Museum

The heart of Vero Beach's agriculture belongs to the citrus trade. Oranges were so sought-after that the fruit contained Indian River stamps to prove it was from this part of Florida. Here, visitors can explore the historical importance of this citrus and the significance it played in Vero Beach's development at the Indian River Citrus Museum. 

Walking Tree Brewery

Found on the south side of Vero Beach, this award-winning brewery is a go-to for all things craft beer. The Walking Tree Brewery resides in an old aviation building and serves as a staple in the community for those who want to escape the mundane. With awards, like Florida's Best Beer and The Great American Beer Winners, there is something among these sudsy beverages that will surely please all beer drinkers.

Vero Beach is a unique beachfront community renowned for its natural beauty, community art, and historical buildings. It's a year-round destination for fun in the sun, which adds to its laid-back beach culture. Vero Beach is a peaceful alternative to busy West Palm Beach and Orlando, containing all the excitement and cosmopolitan activities that one could ask for. Shop, play, or stay, this relaxing resort town has something for every visitor, which further adds to its appeal.

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