Aerial view of downtown Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Editorial credit: Atomazul /

Mississauga, Canada

For many years, Mississauga was assumed to be little more than a side suburb of Toronto. Those days, however, are long gone. Today, Mississauga has its own distinctive ambiance due to its diversified population, outstanding urban architecture, and a broad range of activities.

Geography And Climate Of Mississauga

Skyline of Mississauga on a summer evening.
Skyline of Mississauga on a summer evening. 

Mississauga is a city in the regional municipality of Peel, Ontario, Canada. It lies southwest of Toronto, on the western end of Lake Ontario. It has a land area of 288.42 sq. km and is roughly 13 kilometers from Lake Ontario. Mississauga is bordered by Oakville and Milton in the west/southwest, Brampton in the north, Toronto in the east, and by Lake Ontario in the south/southeast. Halton Hills resides in Mississauga's northwest corner. Except for Toronto's southeastern border, Mississauga has a geographical boundary with all municipalities mentioned previously.

Mississauga experiences a humid continental climate and receives a lot of rain throughout the year. This is true even in the driest month. The average yearly temperature in Mississauga is 8.8 °C. The annual rainfall totals 37.3 inches. Mississauga is set to have beautiful weather during June and September, with average temperatures ranging from 20 °C to 25 °C.

History Of Mississauga

The Mississauga Civic Center in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
The Mississauga Civic Center in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Editorial credit: Harold Stiver /

The history of Mississauga stretches back to time immemorial. Indigenous people have lived in the lands which make up the City of Mississauga since time immemorial. The City derives its name from the Mississaugas, a nation of Anishinaabe who came to reside in the area by the early 1700s. The Mississaugas moved south from the shores of Lake Huron and Lake Superior and settled in the area surrounding Etobicoke Creek, Credit River, and Burlington Bay. The name "Mississauga" is derived from the Ojibwe word Misswezahging which means "River with Many Mouths".

The Mississaugas and the British Crown signed several Treaties in the early 1800s, which resulted in the acquisition of lands by the Crown that make up the modern City. This led to the opening of an extensive area for colonization. Lakeshore Road and Dundas Road were developed soon after to handle the surge of immigrants. At the beginning of the century, the Lakeview neighborhood faced new challenges. Around the turn of the century, the area was primarily rural, with few communities at various crossroads. With the onset of World War I, Lakeview's economy began to shift from agricultural to military, industrial, and, eventually, suburbia. During WWII, the federal government operated a small weapons manufacturing facility. It produced large amounts of armaments for export to other countries. Since many men were fighting in the war, women were given opportunities to become highly skilled tradesmen. Today, the Lakeview region is mainly a suburban economy, with modest companies located along much of the loveliest lakefront land south of Lakeshore Road. 

The Population And Economy Of Mississauga

Mississauga has a population of 717,961 people. Mississauga is the sixth-largest city in Canada and the third-largest in Ontario. The population presently equals 2.1 percent of Canada's and 5.5 percent of Ontario's and had been fast-rising, but it has now come to a halt, with only a 1.1 percent gain in the preceding five years. Mississauga has grown significantly in recent decades and can dramatically boost its economic contribution to the Greater Toronto Area. Mississauga has enormous assets that will be utilized to fuel economic growth and prosperity for the future generation. It has the potential to grow by encouraging more new start-ups, incorporating innovation into its businesses, and attracting investment for its existing larger enterprises and smaller groups.

Attractions In Mississauga

Celebration Square

A view of the Celebration Square in Mississauga, Canada during lockdown
A view of the Celebration Square in Mississauga, Canada, during the lockdown. Editorial credit: Melissa Sue /

Celebration Square is a well-known urban gathering spot in Mississauga. This spectacular outdoor entertainment venue, located at City Hall, is the place to be in the city. Regular performances are held on the massive stage at the southern end. Visitors do not need to be concerned if they cannot see the performer since the performance is displayed in real-time on two large screens located high on either side of the stage. Many food trucks line one side of the square, serving anything from typical burgers and fries to ethnic dishes of all types.

Rattray Marsh

A Green Heron standing in the shallow waters of Rattray Marsh
A Green Heron is standing in the shallow waters of Rattray Marsh Conservation Area in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

One of Mississauga's secret natural places is definitely worth seeing. This lovely marsh, lying in the city's southern outskirts and overlooking Lake Ontario, is a favorite spot for wildlife viewing. Visitors may traverse the lengthy hiking trails and stop at the lofty observation posts to see if they can glimpse a green heron, a wood-warbler, or just turtles sunbathing on a half-submerged log. The park is particularly beautiful in early April, when the chorus of spring peeper frogs may be nearly overwhelming.

Kariya Park

Japanese Garden designs in Kariya Park, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Japanese Garden designs in Kariya Park, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Editorial credit: Eltonlaw /

Kariya Park is one of Mississauga's most serene and peaceful parks. The park is a refuge of peace and tranquility in the middle of the city, encircled by strong wooden gates. The park, which has been named after Mississauga's Japanese sister city, comprises gardens with curving walks surrounding water features linked by arched wooden bridges. Around the ponds and on the undulating hills, a diverse selection of flowering plants and shrubs are planted. The landscape explodes with pink blossoms when the cherry trees bloom in the spring.

Erindale Park

Erindale Park has plenty of open space, excellent walking and biking pathways, and five group picnic spots. However, the park's access to the Credit River is the true star of the show. The river flows blissfully down into Lake Ontario, virtually cutting the park in half. Fishermen may be spotted on the riverside all through the summer, trying their luck. When the salmon travel upstream to spawn in the fall, the river erupts in a blaze of silver and scarlet. The Culham Trail winds its way through the park before heading north along the riverbank to connect with Riverwood Park.

Art Gallery Of Mississauga

The Art Gallery is one of the city's most popular cultural venues. A spectacular display of often changing exhibits from the gallery's permanent collection is produced in this well-thought-out site. In addition to these events, temporary displays come through regularly.

Bradley Museum

A visit to the Bradley Museum Complex is a must for those looking for something to do in town on a rainy day or who want to learn more about the history of the early settlers in the Mississauga region. Three of the four structures in the two-acre park are historically noteworthy. In 1959, the Bradley House was saved from destruction. Around 1830, the saltbox-style farmhouse was constructed. The house's interior has been meticulously restored to its original condition, replete with gorgeous old hardwood flooring and antique furnishings. 

Benares Historic House

A gem of an 1853 house is placed in the heart of what would otherwise be a typical neighborhood of excellent homes. The mansion has withstood the attack of building in Mississauga's Clarkson neighborhood to become the city's most important repository of historical artifacts. The estate has been renovated to its former glory, and a tourist center inside the house provides information on the previous owners, the Harris family, as well as a place for changing exhibitions.

Square One Mall

The Square One Mall in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
The Square One Mall in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Editorial credit: Harold Stiver /

Square One, one of Canada's first large-scale shopping malls, has been open for more than 50 years. Square One is also one of Canada's largest retail malls. The mall has altered and grown throughout the years, and it is currently Mississauga's premier shopping attraction. Inside, 330 retailers from all around the country compete. Among the merchants are an Apple Store, Hudson's Bay, and one of Ontario's only two Simons locations.

Although the city is large and spread out, many of the major tourist attractions are close to one another, making it easy to visit more than one. The city has a gorgeous skyline with architecturally stunning monuments such as the Absolute World Towers and City Hall.

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