Lenexa, Kansas

Lenexa, Kansas

Tucked between Shawnee and Olathe, Lenexa, Kansas, has a small country town feel. It boasts several green spaces, which aided in developing the ProNav before it became known as Garmin. The navigation technology system known as Garmin was founded in Lenexa. As of today, Lenexa is one of many cities that make up the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Geography Of Lenexa

lenexa kansas
The Location of Lenexa within Johnson County, Kansas

Lenexa can be found in northwestern Kansas state in the United States of America and on the continent of North America. It borders other townships in Johnson County, including Shawnee to the north, Olathe to the south, and Overland Park to the east. Kansas is one of 12 states that make up the American Midwest.

Lenexa resides in a physiographic area known as the glaciated region. This saw the melting of the Laurentide Ice Sheet and subsequent land erosion that resulted in plains and hills. This is a characteristic found throughout northeastern Kansas, where the rest of the state is flat. It also contains loess, loosely packed silt, gravel, and limestone to make bluffs.

Climate Of Lenexa

lenexa kansas
A Sunset over Shawnee Mission Park, Lenexa

According to the Köppen Climate Standard, Lenexa experiences a hot, humid continental climate. It has four seasons. However, muggy summers and cold and windy winters are prominent. Over a year, Lenexa collects 91 days of precipitation, whereas the US average is 106.2 from rain, hail, and snow. Rainfall total amounts to 1041.4 mm, and snowfall totals equate 393.7 mm. The warmest month of the year is July which sees an average high of 31.2 °C, and January is the coldest month with an average low of -6.6 °C. Areas with a similar climate include Madishahr, Iran (11,100 km away), and Gwangju, South Korea (10,700 km away).

History Of Lenexa

monument in lenexa
A Monument in Lenexa City Center

When rumors surfaced that a railroad could be built, Lenexa began to grow as a settlement. The Shawnee Indians had their land reduced following the America Civil War, and many were selling their plots. Squire Charles A. Bradshaw had acquired 160 acres of land, which piqued the interest of representatives from the Missouri River, Fort Scott, and Gulf Railroad. Moreover, negotiation with the company and Bradshaw resulted in an agreement to have a depot built on his land. In 1869, Bradshaw sold a parcel of 43 acres to engineer Octave Chanute, who plotted out the future site of Lenexa.

The town received its name from the wife of Shawnee Chief Thomas Quaskey Blackhoof. Len Ag See was chosen for the town's namesake because of her reputation as a respected community member and her hard workmanship. Lenexa would be incorporated in 1907.

Demographics Of Lenexa

a park in lenexa
A Park in Lenexa, Kansas

Lenexa can be located in Johnson County, Kansas, and has a population density of 56,453 inhabitants. Covering an area of over 34 square miles, Lenexa has a population density of 1,657 people per square mile. It is the eighth-largest city in Kansas state, with Shawnee and Lawrence ahead of it. The median household income is $109,614, and the gross monthly rent is $1,148. The average age of the resident is 37.8 years old. On the cost of living index, Lenexa rates at 107.5, whereas the state of Kansas is 83.1. With 100 representing the nation's average, the primary concern is the cost of housing at 124.7. Yet, 5.18% of the population lives below the poverty line.

Economy Of Lenexa

a public market in lenexa
A Public Market in Lenexa, Kansas

The unemployment rate is 3.2%, whereas the US unemployment rate is 6.0%. The top industries that make up the economy of Lenexa include healthcare and social assistance of 14.1% overall, scientific and technical service of 12.3%, and retail trade of 11.1%.

Garmin was founded in Lenexa, with its headquarters in Olathe. It was initially founded under the name of ProNav and was later changed. Garmin specializes in navigation technology for vehicles, planes, outdoors, and sports. Its first device sold for $2,500, and Garmin's first customer was the US army. The company has a workforce of approximately 20,000 employees worldwide and generates a revenue of $4.2 billion annually.

Attractions In Lenexa

Kansas City Automotive Museum

Located near the border of Olathe and Lenexa is the Kansas City Automotive Museum. With a 930 sq m of exhibit space, the Kansas City Automotive Museum opened its doors in 2014 as a non-profit. Since then, the collection has grown, and exhibits are on rotation every month to six months. The museum offers a space called the Underground, where cars can be stored while on display at their Kansas City location for a fee. The museum is open to all ages and is closed Mondays and holidays.

Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art opened its doors in 2007. It welcomes 100,000 visitors annually. The museum offers a collection of photographs, sculptures, paintings, and ceramics. In addition to having a permanent collection, 11 temporary exhibits provide a variety of pieces. There is a 200-seat auditorium and two classrooms for large gatherings. The design of the building is a work of art itself, being the minimalist vision of Kyu Sung Woo, who used natural limestone found in abundance around Johnson County. The facility's classes and tours are available upon request, and admission is accessible to the public.

The post-Civil War shrinking of the Shawnee Indian reserve paved the way for the development of Lenexa. With settlers purchasing a land plot from the departing Shawnee Indians, interest peaked for the development of a railroad. Thus, with the agreement of a rail depot, Lenexa's population grew, and Blackhoof and his wife moved into the town. Although a part of the Kansas City area, Lenexa is a quiet prairie town in the backdrop of the big cities.

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