Hoover, Alabama

Alabama is called the "Heart of Dixie," a state most known for its southern hospitality. In the heart of this welcoming state, one will find none other than the city of Hoover. Nestled between Jefferson and Shelby counties, Hoover is known to be the sixth-largest city in Alabama. With plenty of ways that the city of Hoover welcomes visitors, one will have the whole American experience when visiting this town-like city. From sciences and history to tremendous natural scenery and plenty of food, it is no surprise that Alabama is quickly becoming a popular destination for travelers worldwide.

Geography Of Hoover

In the north-central part of the US state of Alabama, the Appalachian Mountains give Hoover its beautiful natural scenery. The small city of Hoover was officially founded in 1967. However, the inhabitants date back to the 1850s. The location contains many parks, gardens, waterfalls, and other nature reserves. Hoover city encompasses a total area of 113 sq. km, of which 111.7 sq. km are land and 1.3 sq. km are covered by vast bodies of water. That's about 1.17% of the overall area, making the Hoover city rich in water resources. As per the latest US Census, the town's current population is around 92,606. The population per sq. km is approximately 743.81 people. The city is considered one of the three main cities in the Birmingham-Cullman-Hoover metropolitan area. The main components of Hoover's retail facilities, reputable school system, and recreational facilities render it a prosperous destination, with millions of tourists constantly visiting and investing in its Galleria Mall. The 10,000-seat Hoover Metropolitan Stadium is also a center of attraction, with the famous Birmingham Barons baseball team playing their home games in the arena and attracting plenty of visitors to the area.

History Of Hoover

The city of Hoover is named after the famous businessman William H. Hoover, who is considered the city's founding father. After purchasing a plot of land on Highway 31 when the town had started widening the roads in the area, he decided to relocate his reputable insurance company to the site. Hoover was already living in a nearby place and ended up relocating his company, Employers Mutual Insurance of Alabama, away from Birmingham so that it would be closer to home. The small city started developing economically from then on, which quickly encouraged regional residential growth. Hoover's employees started constructing dwellings in the regions next to the company to be closer to their place of work. The worker migration slowly formed a small neighborhood among the area's inhabitants, eventually named the Hoover community. The city was officially established on April 22, 1967, with a mere population of 400 residents. The city decided to build a fire department and a golf course sometime later. Two years later, William Hoover donated a piece of land. This land today is the location of the city hall.  

The Population And Economy Of Hoover

Shoppers waiting in line to get into a Costco store in Hoover, Alabama
Shoppers are waiting in line to get into a Costco store in Hoover, Alabama. Editorial credit: Cavan-Images / Shutterstock.com

The city of Hoover is the sixth-largest city in Alabama, and it has a population of 92,606 people. The town is also predominantly female, with a female population of 52.8% and a male population of 47.2%. A large part of the population, around 15%, are senior citizens, but the average age group of the overall population is 38 years of age. Hoover is also a family-friendly city, with 60.3% of its adult population happily married. The inhabitants of this prosperous city are also mostly well educated, with 52% of the population owning a bachelor's degree or higher. The racial composition of Hoover varies greatly but is primarily white, about 71.30%. The black population comes in second place, at 18.85%. Other racial minorities include Asians, Native Americans, and Native Hawaiian. 

The city is an economic powerhouse for the state of Alabama. Best known for having an award-winning educational system, plenty of sought-after retail stores, and breathtaking natural parks and reserves, Hoover is a targeted destination for tourists. Hoover is currently the most affluent city in the state, boasting a meager poverty rate of 6.8% and a high household income of $75,020, nearly $27 000 higher than its next competitor. Hoover city is even ranked high at number 1,608 for affluence on a national level, with factors such as median income, home values, and more being considered. The workforce in Hoover is divided into multiple categories. The most prominent are education, healthcare, and social assistance, which employs 25.3% of its population. The city endorses several well-known educational facilities administered by Hoover City Schools, which are top of the line regarding academic achievements and athletic performance. High schools in the area are most predominantly known for their football teams. Other important employment sectors include finance, insurance, real estate, sciences, retail trade, arts, entertainment and recreation, food services, and manufacturing.

Attractions In Hoover

There are many sights worth visiting in the city of Hoover. Most known for its retail, the variety of eccentric and well-known stores it boasts attracts several visitors to the area. Here are the famous landmarks and tourist attractions that one should check out when visiting Hoover.

Moss Rock Preserve

Boulders at Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover, Alabama
Boulders at Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover, Alabama. 

Owned and operated by the people of Hoover, it's a destination where you can find an array of nature activities to fill your day. From rock climbing to hiking to simply taking a walk and enjoying the streams, ecosystem, and wildlife, this destination is a must for nature lovers.

Aldridge Gardens

This botanical garden was previously privately owned by Eddy Aldridge and his wife. Hydrangeas are the trademark flower of the area, making this garden unique to Hoover. Botanic specialists have even discovered new plant species at the center, prevalent in hydrangeas.

Riverchase Galleria

Famously known to be the primary source of income and employment in the city of Hoover, Riverchase Galleria has been open and in service since 1986. This vast shopping mall covers an area of about 2.4 million square feet and encompasses 218 stores. You can also find the first-ever LEGO store in the country within its walls.

Hoover Metropolitan Stadium

This famous stadium holds the SEC Baseball Tournament each year, which features the twelve best teams in the south and pulls more than 100,000 supporters. The stadium becomes a music venue showcasing local talent when it is not hosting a game.

The Don Kresge Memorial Museum

This quirky museum holds a collection of vintage radios manufactured over 50 years ago. Visitors can see and operate each of the old mechanical concoctions. In Hoover, one can visit other exciting landmarks: The Ross Bridge Golf Resort, The Library Theater, Gabriel's Sports Cafe, and Lock Haven Dog Park.

The city of Hoover perfectly embodies the concept of southern hospitality. The residents of Hoover are known to be welcoming and friendly, and the hometown feeling one gets when visiting the area is truly priceless. And with it being one of the most economically thriving cities in the state, it is no wonder it is also a popular destination for tourists and visitors from around the world.