Aerial View of the Mountain Town of Eagle Nest, New Mexico

Eagle Nest, New Mexico

Eagle Nest is a small village situated in the scenic Moreno Valley in the western portion of Colfax County in the northern part of the US State of New Mexico. Initially named “Therma,” the village was renamed in the 1930s as “Eagle Nest” after the Eagle Nest Dam, situated just east of the town on the Cimarron River. Located along the 135km long Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, Eagle Nest is considered a popular summer-home and resort destination.

Geography Of Eagle Nest

Aerial view of Eagle Nest, New Mexico
Aerial view of the Mountain Town of Eagle Nest, New Mexico. 

The village of Eagle Nest covers a total area of 13.1 sq. km, of which 2.2 sq. km is covered by water, and 10.9 sq. km is occupied by land. The village is located at an elevation of 2,511m above sea level on the western slope of the Baldy and Touch Me Not Mountains. Eagle Nest is located approximately 50km northeast of Taos and 16km north of Angel Fire via the U.S. Route 64 Highway. Situated in the picturesque Moreno Valley, Eagle Nest is surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the west and the Cimarron Range in the east. The village is also situated at the northern end of the Eagle Nest Lake – a reservoir that has been created by Eagle Nest Dam on the Cimarron River.


According to the Köppen climate classification, the village of Eagle Nest experiences a humid continental climate with warm afternoons and cool mornings in summer and severely cold mornings during winter. The warm season lasts from May to September, with July being the hottest month, having an average high temperature of 25.7°C and a low temperature of 5.8°C. The cold season lasts from November to March, with January being the coldest month, having an average low temperature of -16.8°C and a high temperature of 3.4°C. The village receives an average precipitation of 15.38 inches per year and an average snowfall of 62.8 inches per year.

The Population And Economy Of Eagle Nest

In 2019, the village of Eagle Nest had a population of 271 people with a median age of 54.5. As of 2019, about six people (2.21% of residents) of Eagle Nest were born outside the country. The most common birthplace of the foreign-born residents of New Mexico was Mexico, followed by the Philippines and Germany. The largest ethnic groups in Angel Fire are the Non-Hispanic White representing 56.5% of the village’s population, Hispanic White at 38.4%, American Indians, and Alaska Native (Non-Hispanic) at 5.17%. All the households in Angel Fire speak English as their primary language, and 98.5% of the village residents are US citizens.

As of 2019, the median household income in Eagle Nest was $34,500, and the median property value was $118,800. The average car ownership in Angel Fire was one car per household. The economy of Eagle Nest employs around 134 people in different industries, with the most prominent industries being Accommodation & Food Services, Construction, and Retail Trade.

Tourist Attraction In And Around Eagle Nest

Eagle Nest Lake State Park

Eagle Nest Lake State Park, Eagle Nest, New Mexico
Eagle Nest Lake State Park, Eagle Nest, New Mexico. 

Established on July 3, 2004, the Eagle Nest Lake State Park is situated about 48km east of Taos, just outside the village of Eagle Nest. The principal attraction of this State Park is a large Eagle Nest Lake covering an area of 9.7 sq. km. The Eagle Nest Lake is an alpine lake situated in a glacial valley at an elevation of 2,500m on the slopes of Wheeler Peak. The lake contains many fish species, including rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, smallmouth bass, common carp, channel catfish, northern pike, brown trout, kokanee salmon, yellow perch, white sucker, and sunfish. The surrounding mountain areas also contain several wild animals, including elks, bears, deer, and turkeys. The Eagle Nest Lake offers many outdoor recreational activities such as boating and fishing during the summer months and snowmobiling and ice fishing during the winter months.

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