Dripping Springs, Texas

Dripping Springs is one of the smaller cities in Hays County in the US state of Texas. This city was once home to Native American tribes and then home to American Families who chose this cozy and beautiful place as their last residence.  

Geography And Climate Of Dripping Springs

Suburb houses and modern development layout in Dripping Springs, Texas
Suburb houses and modern development layout in Dripping Springs, Texas. 

Dripping Springs is located along the 420.340km long US Route 290, approximately 37km east of Austin and 39km west of Johnson City. The city covers a total area of 10.0 sq. km, all of which is occupied by land. 

As per the Köppen climate classification, Dripping Springs experiences a humid subtropical climate. The summer season in Dripping Springs can be very hot and humid. In contrast, the winter season is cold and windy, with partially cloudy skies covering the skies. The hot summer season lasts from the starting of June to mid-September, with average daily high temperatures soaring to 94°F in August. The nights are a bit cooler, with temperatures dropping down to 73°F. The winter season lasts from the end of November to February, with average daily temperatures ranging between 67°F and 42°F. Winds are strong in the cool season, with a high probability of hurricane occurrence. Spring is the season with the most rain, with average rainfall reaching 3.8 inches. In contrast, the winter has the least rainfalls, with precipitations dropping to 1.5 inches. Only 1 inch of snow falls in the city every year, much lower than the national average of 28 inches.

Brief History Of Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs Texas Post Office
Dripping Springs Texas Post Office. Editorial credit: Ray Shrewsberry / Shutterstock.com

In the late fall of 1853, three persons bound by kinship obtained the motive and desire to move from Mississippi to Texas. The three persons were Dr. Joseph McKegg Pound, John L. Moss, John Lee Wallace, and their families. In January 1854, they arrived at an area called Wallace Mountain and chose it as their final destination. Despite being 37km away from the capital of Texas, the spot was still considered part of the frontier. John Moss was appointed the first postmaster on June 5, 1857. The town was later named Dripping Springs by Moss’s wife. The town served as a stagecoach stop and part of a freight line that ran between Austin and Fredericksburg. Indian raids were still a problem for the town until the year 1872. The farm that the Pound family ran for more than 130 years is now a museum. 

Population And Economy Of Dripping Springs

A local donut shop in Dripping Springs, Texas
A local donut shop in Dripping Springs, Texas. Editorial credit: Kristin Taibi / Shutterstock.com

As per the latest US Census, Dripping Springs has a population of 4,650 residents, with people of the white ethnicity being the largest ethnic group. The Non-Hispanic Whites form 73% and Hispanic Whites 22.8%. The remaining 4.2% is represented by the Asian community, Hispanics, African Americans, and mixed races. Only 7.7% of the residents were born outside of the country. Females form 53.31% of the population and males 46.69%. 

In 2019, the city's median household income reached $80,000, which is higher than the US average. The city's economy employs more than half of the population. Health Care & Social Assistance is the industry with the most contribution to the economy, followed by the Educational Sector and Construction. The highest paying industries are Manufacturing with $121,364, followed by Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services at $101,146, and Finance & Insurance at $79,125. However, Computer Science and Mathematical occupations pay the highest salary at $131,250, followed by Business & Financial jobs at $101,103. The unemployment rate is below the 6% US average at 5.3%. The Sales Tax Rate is identical to the national average of 7.31%. The Income Tax Rate is 0.0% which attracts people who seek a lower cost of living.

Tourist Attractions In Dripping Springs

Beautiful aerial view of Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, Texas
Beautiful aerial view of Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, Texas. 

The town’s unique charm, family-oriented lifestyle, and lifelong friendships are still the most significant reasons locals are attached to this land and others are attracted to it. Dripping Springs has beautiful rolling hills with scenic views of the river and the creeks. And in the heart of the town, locals and tourists enjoy strolling around its streets that contain boutique shops, coffee shops, and pubs. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy several places, including the limestone cliff at Reimers Ranch and the Hamilton Pool Preserve, or taste delicious wine at several award-winning wineries.