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Allenhurst, New Jersey

Allenhurst is a borough situated in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. It is at the center of a string of wealthy communities between Asbury Park and Long Branch. The borough has many historic homes built in different architectural styles, including Tudor Revival, Victorian, Queen Anne, during the period between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 2006, it ranked 131st in Forbes magazine’s list of the most expensive ZIP codes in the country.

Geography Of Allenhurst

Deal Lake is an artificial lake and largest in Monmouth County and one of the largest lakes in New Jersey, covering 0.63 square km and drains into the Atlantic Ocean. Allenhurst, along with other municipalities including Asbury Park, Deal, Neptune Township, Loch Arbour, Ocean Township, and Interlaken, borders the lake.

Deal Lake borders Allenhurst to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. It borders the Monmouth County municipalities of Loch Arbour, Interlaken, Deal, and Ocean Township. The borough is close to New York City and is a stop on the NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Allenhurst had a total area of 0.73 square km, including 0.65 square km of land, 0.08 square km of water, and an elevation of 7m. 

The Population Of Allenhurst

In 2019, Allenhurst in New Jersey was home to a population of 475 people with a median age of 50.7. The borough population has witnessed a 5.38% decrease between 2018 and 2019. Allenhurst has 27.4 times more White residents, most of whom are considered non-Hispanic than any other race or ethnicity. The largest ethnic groups in Allenhurst is non-Hispanic White at 92.4%, Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander at 3.37%, Hispanic Other 1.47%, Black or African American at 1.05%, and non-Hispanic Two+ races at 0.8%. All Allenhurst residents are U.S citizens, and as of 2019, 1.68% of the residents were born outside of the country. The most common birthplace for foreign-born residents of New Jersey was India, followed by the Dominican Republic and Mexico

The Economy Of Allenhurst 

The median household income in Allenhurst is $106,406. The income inequality in New Jersey (measured using the Gini index) is 0.439, which is higher than the national average. This is reflected in the average income of residents as males tend to earn 1.38 times more than females. The economy of Allenhurst employs around 53% of the residents in various industries. The largest industries in Allenhurst are Retail Trade, Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services, and Educational Services. The highest paying industries are Real Estate & Rental & Leasing, Finance & Insurance, & Real Estate & Rental & Leasing, and Finance & Insurance.

Brief History Of Allenhurst

Allenhurst residential historic district. Image credit: Apc106 via Wikimedia Commons.

The borough of Allenhurst was developed on a 48 hectares farm that Abner Allen originally owned. Allenhurst was incorporated on April 26, 1897. Being at the seashore and accessible from New York City by railroad, the Borough of Allenhurst benefited from the resort boom at the turn of the 20th century and built a strong reputation as a resort and residential community. A lot of grand homes built back then have been preserved. These homes were built in Victorian, Italian, Queen Anne, Gothic Revival, and many other architectural styles. In 2010, The Allenhurst Residential Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.   

Tourist Attractions In Allenhurst 

View of Bradley Beach on the New Jersey Shore, United States. It is one of the attractions near Allenhurst. Editorial credit: EQRoy /

The Allenhurst Beach Club is one of the top attractions in Allenhurst. It is owned and operated by the Borough of Allenhurst and features a large saltwater pool filled from the Atlantic Ocean every night during the summer season. The Borough also has a beautiful lakefront park, playground, and a quaint downtown business district.

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