Mainstreet in Whitefish still has a smalltown feel to it. Editorial credit: Beeldtype /

8 Senior-Friendly Towns in Montana

The U.S. is brimming with retiree-friendly destinations, from Florida to Maine. In the Northern Rockies and Plains, Montana is one of the most beautiful states in the country. Famous and known for its breathtaking natural scenery and wildlife, the state’s most recognizable features include majestic mountains, badlands, and prairies.

Montana is also equally interesting and comes with a diverse range of spots where seniors can thrive, from charming mountain gems to bustling cities. The state offers plenty of recreational activities, an affordable cost of living, and a tax-friendly environment, among others. Discover 8 senior-friendly towns in Montana.

Fort Benton

 Fort Benton, Montana, USA - Historic Fort Benton, and Fort Benton Bridge. Editorial credit: Joseph Sohm /
Fort Benton, Montana, USA - Historic Fort Benton and Fort Benton Bridge. Editorial credit: Joseph Sohm /

Fort Benton was established in 1846, making it one of the oldest towns in Montana. It offers its residents a suburban feel and has multiple perks that make it a senior-friendly destination. It includes multiple health resources for retirees, and local facilities like Missouri River Medical Center offer physiotherapy and medical care to local patients. Additionally, the homes are also available for a very affordable price of $173,500.

Retirees can spend time at the Fort Benton Museums & Heritage Complex to get an insight into the beautiful stories of this historic town. Planning golfing sessions with friends at Signal Point Golf Club’s 9-hole course is another good weekend activity to stay quick on your feet. Evening walks across Fort Benton Bridge, which dates back to 1888 and offers impressive views of the Missouri River, will allow seniors to have some peaceful moments.


Drone view of the bitterroot mountain range in Hamilton, Montana.
Drone view of the Bitterroot mountain range in Hamilton, Montana.

Hamilton is a retirement destination that is loved for its impressive healthcare system, which includes incredible local hospitals and healthcare facilities, including Bitterroot Health - Daly Hospital and ER. Elderly care is also valued in this town, and there are a good number of residential care home facilities, such as the BeeHive Homes of Hamilton, which is uniquely designed to offer older adults personal care. Moreover, this is one of Montana's safest towns, with Gird Point and Charlos Heights being among its safest neighborhoods.

Hamilton Farmers Market is where retirees can purchase a lot of farm products, arts and crafts, and more, as well as catch up on the latest happenings around the town. Fly fishing at the Bitterroot River, a haven for the activity attracting anglers from across America, is the best option for a day out with friends. Hiking in Bitterroot National Forest, featuring a wide variety of trailheads, including Bass Creek, Blodgett Canyon, and Trapper Peak Trailhead, is the go-to destination for adventurous seniors.


The Kootenai River in the Kootenai National Forest near Libby, Montana.
The Kootenai River in the Kootenai National Forest near Libby, Montana.

Libby, a gorgeous town right in the Kootenai National Forest surrounded to the north by Purcell Mountains and to the south by Cabinet Mountains, is among the top places to spend your golden years in northwestern Montana. The town offers many adorable perks, including a low cost of living, affordable housing, and a large senior community, which is nearly 25.43% of the total population. Advertising housing prices of $347,500, lower than the United States median, with Libby East and the City Center ranking among the safest communities in town, it is not hard to guess why Libby is a preferable retiring location.

Furthermore, skiing at Turner Mountain Ski Area during winters, learning the local history and culture at the Heritage Museum, and enjoying the great outdoors, including camping and hiking at the Kootenai National Forest area, are among the top senior-friendly activities. Retirees also have the option to play golf at Cabinet View Golf Course, a challenging 18-hole golf course with incredible scenery and views.


Welcome to Glendive sign features a dinosaur skeleton, as the town is known for fossils. Editorial credit: melissamn /
Welcome to Glendive sign features a dinosaur skeleton, as the town is known for fossils. Editorial credit: melissamn /

Glendale was discovered in 1881, thanks to the Northern Pacific Railway, and later became an important stop along the line. Today, it is a wonderful destination with a beautiful downtown area allowing you to try some of the town’s most delicious restaurants, including the restaurant at Yellowstone River Inn, which comes with a lounge with a full bar where retirees can enjoy some amazing happy hour specials. Glendive’s rural setting gives it a relaxed atmosphere and, when coupled with $230,000 as the listed property cost, makes it a great option for many seniors.

The town features Makoshika State Park, one of America’s most underrated yet scenic state parks. So, retirees are never short of outdoor activities like exploring scenic hiking trails, such as Bluebird and Gurners Ridge. Seniors can also visit the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, whose exhibits are based on Biblical context, promoting the belief that humans and dinosaurs lived together and were one of the animals in Noah’s ark. Spending time at The Gallery to admire beautiful art pieces is also a good pastime.


Whitefish, Montana, landscape mountains.
Whitefish, Montana, landscape mountains.

Whitefish, known for its picturesque natural scenery and impressive skiing opportunities, is also a senior-friendly town in Montana, thanks to its relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, it boasts a significant number of the elderly, who make up about 18.72% of the population, which is also why real estate prices are sky-high at $1.4 million.

While living here, retirees can take advantage of opportunities to explore Whitefish’s scenic attractions, including Whitefish Lake Golf Club, where they can play golf in a unique 36-hole setting while enjoying the gorgeous views of the surroundings. Meanwhile, the Whitefish Farmers’ Market, which opens every Tuesday in the summer and features live music, food items, as well as fresh products, is a great place to go over all the town gossip. Winters are exclusively for getting the best of Whitefish skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort.


Sunset over field in Belgrade.
Sunset over field in Belgrade.

The plenty of outdoor recreation choices, a close-knit community, and an incredible variety of cultural activities make Belgrade a senior-friendly town that should be your retirement destination. However, it is important to note that it is not one of the cheapest towns in Montana, with homes making the list at $602,500. Nevertheless, Belgrade’s convenient location gives residents access to incredible tourist spots in Montana, including Yellowstone, America’s First National Park.

Retirees can have conversations flowing while sipping some of the best beers in Montana at Madison River Brewing, which offers an old-school brewing experience. Lewis and Clark Park has amazing skating and picnicking opportunities. Your grandchildren can have fun at the playground and the splash park, which is available in summer.

Miles City

Miles City in Montana, USA. Editorial credit: Traveller70 /
Miles City in Montana, USA. Editorial credit: Traveller70 /

Miles City, the county seat of Custer County, is a beautiful town that exudes a perfect Western charm from 1876. Seniors can become homeowners in this town by spending just $235,000 on average. Hearts & Home Assisted Living & Respite Care, LLC and Cottonwood Care Home are the top assisted living options to consider, if required.

Miles City is full of fun adventures, another reason many seniors will enjoy living here. The town’s Tongue River Winery offers amazing wine-tasting opportunities, with the host being so friendly and charming. The vibrant cultural heritage of the West is on display at the WaterWorks Art Museum through amazing exhibits as well as artifacts. Keeping active is not difficult in the great outdoors at Pirogue Island State Park, where retirees can go hiking, wildlife spotting, and birdwatching. Some of the area’s incredible wildlife you will encounter here include mule deer, bald eagles, whitetail, and waterfowl.

Big Timber

 Sign welcomes visitors to the small town of Big Timber, Montana. Editorial credit: melissamn /
Sign welcomes visitors to the small town of Big Timber, Montana. Editorial credit: melissamn /

Big Timber, bordered on three sides by the Absaroka Beartooths and the Crazy Mountains and to the east by the prairies, is among the places where seniors can live happily. It also boasts a strong senior community, with seniors (65+) constituting 25.68% of the population. While planning to buy a house, keep an estimate for at least $639,000, the average housing expense in town.

Retirees have an abundance of things to keep busy with, including the Natural Bridge Falls Picnic Area, where they can go hiking and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Boulder River. Not to mention, Sweet Grass Arts Theater and Cottonwood Cinema keep the latest flicks on showtime, making them local hangout spots.

Montana might not be among the most famous destinations for seniors like Maine and Florida, but it offers amazing perks that retirees will love. One of the 8 mountain states in the U.S., the state’s diverse retirement options, from Hamilton’s fly-fishing haven to Whitefish’s relaxed atmosphere and skiing opportunities to Big Timber’s large senior population and peaceful vibe. Spending your golden years in any of the senior-friendly towns in Montana is going to be a beautiful experience.

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