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7 Most Affordable Towns to Retire in Utah

National surveys consistently rank Utah among the top states to retire in the United States. While there are various reasons for this, the state's natural beauty stands out as a major draw. From scenic mountains and red rock vistas to stunning desert and forest landscapes, Utah offers retirees an enviable backdrop to live out their sunset years. Alongside outdoor treasures, the Beehive State boasts a low cost of living and a friendly tax policy that benefits those on a fixed income.

Furthermore, Utah is the healthiest state for seniors according to a 2023 report by the United Health Foundation. If you are seeking an affordable yet exceptionally livable place to retire in Utah, where every day feels like a vacation, consider exploring these remarkable locations in the state for a balance of natural wonders with the conveniences of a safe, welcoming community.

Cedar City

Main Street Historic District, Cedar City, Utah
Main Street Historic District, Cedar City, Utah. Image credit Wikimedia Commons

Shielded from the rowdy streets of Las Vegas, Cedar City offers a quieter and safer community tailored for senior living with access to all the fun and entertainment in its famous neighborhood. It is home to Southern Utah University, which not only presents lifelong learning opportunities to seniors but also helps elevate the local art scene. Artistically predisposed retirees can embrace a rich experience by touring venues like the Southern Utah Museum of Art or watching a captivating live show at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Vital social amenities, including the Cedar City Aquatic Center, ensure enough opportunities for newcomers to socialize and make friends while having wholesome aquatic fun.

Out in the open, Cedar City is rife with recreational opportunities, courtesy of scenic wilderness trails leading to the discovery of gems like the Dixie National Forest, including the popular Coal Creek Trail. Meanwhile, the presence of Cedar City Hospital and other health facilities promises senior citizens quality medical attention without having to breach the town's limit. With a median home value of $425,000, pensioners will not have to exhaust their savings on buying a house.


Looking north along State Street (US-89) in Fairview,
Looking north along State Street (US-89) in Fairview, Utah, By Ken Lund from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Fairview, Utah (4), CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

Small-town charm does not get more appealing than in the quaint community of Fairview Besides settling in a relaxed rural setting, retirees here enjoy access to multiple recreational opportunities, especially for the outdoor inclined. Just 18 miles from the town, residents can go for remarkable fishing adventures at the Cleveland Reservoir and revel in a serene and secluded natural environment. Additionally, Skyline Mountain Resort provides the perfect atmosphere for a fun day out with family, featuring awesome adventures like RV camping, swimming, and golfing.

The area notably hosts the Fairview Museum of History & Art, which excites history lovers and art enthusiasts with a vast collection of unique exhibits chronicling the legacy of the different communities that have called Fairview home through the years. It also provides a selection of assisted living communities to guarantee crucial support when retirees need it, such as Fairview Senior Citizens. And when it comes to acquiring a home, the local property market is relatively affordable, with a median housing cost of $317,500.


Downtown Monticello, Utah.
Downtown Monticello, Utah. Image credit J. Stephen Conn via

The first pioneers in Monticello were from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who settled in the town in 1887. Today, this tiny San Juan County village, less than an hour from Moab, harbors a couple of historical treasures hinting at its colorful past. The Frontier Museum is an important reminder of life in Monticello during its formative years, offering a look into the past through diverse exhibits like Native American and pioneer artifacts. Retirees will also be intrigued by the awesome display of millennia-old petroglyphs inscribed at the Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument.

Besides history, recreational activities are available without limitations, including playing a low-key key game of golf on the lush lawns of Hideout Golf Course and hiking the scenic Chesler Park Loop Trail to explore breathtaking red rock formations in the vast desert landscape surrounding the town. In case of any medical emergencies, retirees can look to San Juan Hospital for reliable health services in a modern facility. For those looking to invest in a house, Monticello's median listing price is $476,000.

Mount Pleasant

Beautiful homes in Mount Pleasant, Utah.
Beautiful homes in Mount Pleasant, Utah.

Mount Pleasant is a tiny but bustling community where retirees can savor all the perks that come with small-town living. Despite this, it boasts a rich mix of attractions that promise to keep pensioners engaged and entertained. Family-fun opportunities abound at the Mount Pleasant Aquatic Center, which not only offers a chance for healthy swimming exercises but also fun interactions with other members of the community. At the Wasatch Academy Museum, guests go on an exciting journey back in time by browsing an impressive collection of artifacts, some dating back to the Civil War period.

Meanwhile, retirees craving good-natured social interactions will find a welcoming atmosphere at Triangle Bar, allowing them to meet and socialize with peers while enjoying good music and various alcoholic offerings. Homes in Mount Pleasant are pretty affordable, with the median housing price at $415,000. However, pensioners to take advantage of even cheaper housing at the Mount Pleasant Senior Apartments.


Salina City Hall
Salina City Hall

With a median home value of $369,500, Salina offers an easy pathway to owning a home for those planning to retire in Utah. This delightful community might only house about 2,500 residents, but it has no shortage of attractions to entertain seniors in the golden years. The Blackhawk Arena promises an immersive cultural experience by hosting entertaining rodeo events throughout the year, reflecting the town's Western heritage. Meanwhile, Miss Mary's Historical Museum offers a look into Salina's progression throughout its existence by displaying historical photographs, archives, and artifacts from the local community.

For outdoor recreation, Salina City Park provides residents with laidback opportunities in a lush urban oasis with an inviting atmosphere. The nature area features several essential amenities, such as picnic tables, a playground, and a pavilion, perfect for family gatherings. Elsewhere, North Sevier Senior Citizens is one of the many assisted living communities in Salina providing pensioners with health and moral support for fulfilling sunset years.


Richfield, Utah
Richfield, Utah

Richfield is a beautiful natural paradise renowned for its dense aspen forests, scenic driving routes, and elk-hunting opportunities. Retirees who envision staying active in their late years have plenty to look forward to in this charming locality. This is a credit to outdoor spaces like Richfield City Park and the sprawling Fish Lake harboring a wealth of recreational opportunities. At Fish Lake Lodge, accessibility to boat rentals allows guests to venture on the water for an easygoing boating or fishing excursion against the backdrop of stunning mountain peaks.

Back in downtown, the atmosphere is ideal for social interactions, hosting a raft of family-friendly venues and a thriving restaurant scene. Jorgensen's Bowling Center comes in handy for quality moments spent with family, while Richfield Relax & Restore provides various healing therapies to fix any physical pains. Finally, investing in a property in Richfield costs an average of around, $395,500.


The Garland Tabernacle, an early Latter-day Saint meetinghouse
The Garland Tabernacle, an early Latter-day Saint meetinghouse, By mbush_utah - originally posted to Flickr as Garland Tabernacle of the LDS Church, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

Garland is a captivating, close-knit community that takes pride in local traditions to bring locals together for family-friendly activities. The town hosts the Garland Wheat and Beet Days, a long-standing local festival held annually, featuring a parade, fair, and other family-friendly events. Recreational opportunities are readily available at Garland City Park, which offers a variety of social amenities for all ages. These include playground equipment, sports facilities, and picnic areas, making it the ideal venue for quality moments in the open spaces.

Garland is only five minutes from Tremonton, which ensures access to all the different social, health, and recreational amenities in the town. A good example is Bear River Valley Hospital, which proves crucial whenever there is a need for urgent medical attention. When it comes to purchasing real estate in Garland, homes here cost an average of $470,000.

Final Thought

Whether you dream of settling in a small desert town or a scenic alpine community, there is an affordable retirement spot with stunning scenery perfectly suited to your tastes without the chaos of big cities like Salt Lake City. The above locations to retire in Utah present a mix of low home prices, recreational opportunities, and engaging communities, allowing retirees to stretch their dollars while enjoying world-class natural beauty on a daily basis. Utah's extraordinary landscapes paired with its highly livable, cost-effective towns make it a top choice for an active, culturally fulfilling retirement outside of big-city living.

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