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6 Top-Ranked Towns in Utah for Retirees

Utah is a wonderful state for retirees in the Western United States. With a diversified economy, friendly retirement tax policies, and a great healthcare system, there are many benefits to retiring here. Moreover, while the state is landlocked, it boasts amazing natural features, like the Arches National Park and the Rocky Mountains, which offer ample opportunities for recreation. The best way to take in the benefits and activities is through one of Utah’s top-ranked small towns. With culture, amenities, and entertainment minus the urban hustle and bustle, these towns are perfect for those planning to retire in the state.


Downtown Price, Utah.
Downtown Price, Utah.

Price, the county seat of Carbon County, is a college town bustling with life. Home to the Utah State University Eastern, there is always something exciting happening here. Foodies in town adore spots like Sherald’s Drive-in and Greek Streak, with their fantastic food and eccentric ambiance. Further along, cultural attractions are abundant, and spots like the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum, Coal Miner’s Memorial, and the nearby Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry are a hit with seniors. From learning about and witnessing dinosaur fossils to touring excavation sites, they offer lots of amazing ways to spend the day.

Historic center in Price, Utah.
Historic center in Price, Utah.

While there aren’t as many seniors in town due to the college environment, it does create a colorful energy throughout. To this end, retirees who want to enjoy an active retirement prefer to settle down in Price. Another plus point in town is the affordable housing market, and an average house costs about $172,000, according to the most recent census. This is far below the state average of $408,000, meaning you won’t have to break the bank to buy your dream home. Add on the array of outdoor areas like the Prive River Trail and Pioneer Park for a lovely environment anyone will appreciate.


Aerial view of Springville, Utah
Aerial view of Springville, Utah

Springville combines the amenities of urban cities with the charm of a small town. Known as the “Art City” for its cultural vibrance, this town of 35,000 is a dream for art enthusiasts. Most people spend their time taking in the artistic charm in town, whether through the Springville Art Museum or the Springville Art City Days. The latter is a massive complex dedicated to art, with over 2,500 pieces spread across a 45,000-square-foot facility. The former is a week-long event that brings everyone together through art fests, snack stalls, car shows, and balloon fests. Hand in hand with the artistic side of town, outdoor areas are also plentiful, catering to an active retirement. For example, retirees can bike along the scenic Fifth Water Hot Springs or enjoy a relaxing evening in the greenery of Kelly’s Grove Park.

For those who have decided to retire in Springville, there are plenty of benefits that follow. For example, a low poverty rate of 7% and a high median household income of $85,000 indicate a strong economic environment. Similarly, thanks to the Spanish Fork Hospital, seniors can rest assured for medical requirements. This facility boasts imaging services, emergency services, and high reviews. The only drawback in Springville is that it is quite expensive, and an average home costs $390,000. However, this is still below the state average and with so many advantages to living here, the price is justified.


Downtown Moab, Utah.
Downtown Moab, Utah.

Moab is a scenic town near the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks famed for its tourist appeal. To this end, residents in town have easy access to a range of natural formations and activities. Arches National Park, for example, boasts 76,000 acres filled with 2,000 sandstone arches, spires, and more. Retirees interested in fitness can opt for hiking, bicycling, and camping in the stunning orange surroundings. Similarly, Canyonlands National Park showcases 340,000 acres of Utah’s wilderness, with beautiful flora and fauna on display. Bobcats, bats, elk, cactuses, and bald eagles are a few species that one can find here. If you’re looking for a more relaxing retirement, opt for spots like RedRock Astronomy or the Moavb Museum of Film and Western Heritage instead.

While beauty is abundant, many people overlook living in Moab for its tourist benefits. Home to 5,300 residents, out of which more than 20% are over 65, there is a great social environment for seniors. If you ever do need to head out to a major city, Salt Lake Express provides shuttle services to Salt Lake City and Grand Junction, CO. Thus, the town is well connected, and retirees won’t need to drive themselves.


Springdale, a town in Washington County, Utah.
Springdale, a town in Washington County, Utah.

Springdale, a town in Washington County, is a retreat for retirees who want to escape city life. Home to less than 500 residents, people here can relax in the small-town vibe. Downtown Springdale still blooms with activities, and each alley houses a small shop or eatery to enjoy. When you’re looking for a bit of a thrill, the nearby Grafton Ghost Town offers a riveting experience with haunted tales and ominous tours. Or, opt for Zion National Park, a wellspring of forests, meadows, peaks, and plateaus best discovered through scenic hiking trails.

Springdale is perfect for a relaxing retirement with its tight-knit community and laid-back environment. The town has endless ways for retirees to stay fit, whether outdoor options or the parks and disc golf in town. With so much to do, retirees can call their families over for the weekends, and hotels like Springhill Suites by Marriot and Holiday Inn Express offer comfortable accommodations. It is also well connected via the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway so getting in and out of town is a breeze.

Summit Park

Looking east at the Jeremy Ranch Park and Ride and the Park City Transit bus stop in Summit Park, Utah
Looking east at the Jeremy Ranch Park and Ride and the Park City Transit bus stop in Summit Park, Utah, By An Errant Knight - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Five hours from Springdale lies the community of Summit Park, known for its affluent residents. Often regarded as one of the wealthiest small towns in America, it is an ideal retirement location for those looking for luxury. The town has a high median household income of $171,000 and a low poverty rate of less than 4%, which indicates a favorable economic environment. While this also means housing is expensive, with a median household value of $995,000, the amenities and surroundings justify the price.

Along with the retirement benefits, Summit Park is loaded with senior-centric activities. Golf is among the most popular, with the Jeremy Ranch Golf & Country Club and Glenwild Golf Club & Spa providing open greenery and great holes. Moreover, outlets like the O’Shucks Bar & Grill provide a lively setting where drinks and food make conversations flow.


Photo of Richfield, Utah
Photo of Richfield, Utah

Richfield beckons retirees with its amazing activities and relaxing views. The county seat of Sevier County, one can find everything they need in this quaint town. Those interested in staying fit can spend time at Fishlake National Forest or the Cove View Golf Course. There are plenty of fun things to do, whether it is teeing off under the sun or enjoying a hike along the coast. Meanwhile, for some socializing, Jorgensen’s Bowling Center is a bowling alley, arcade, and cafe with delicious food perfect for a day out.

From a retirement perspective, Richfield is one of the more affordable towns on this list. An average home in town costs approximately $236,000, which is below the state average of $408,000. At this price point, few towns can match the amenities in Richfield. For example, the Sevier Valley Hospital provides optimal healthcare, while Greyhound Lines Inc. offers transportation to the major cities of Denver and Las Vegas.


Each of these towns offers a new experience catered to retirees in Utah. No matter what one is looking for in their golden years, these towns have them covered. For example, outdoor lovers flock to Moab while those looking for an affluent neighbourhood adore Summit Park. Moreover, the state’s endless sights and activities creat a wonderful environment perfect to settle down.

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