Ski slopes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with panorama of vintage houses.

7 Best Towns in Wyoming for a Weekend Getaway

When it comes to natural beauty, there are few states that can top the treasure trove that is Wyoming. Filled with unique sights such as Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, there is an endless array of things to admire. Moreover, you can find part of North America’s largest mountain range, the Rocky Mountains nestled within the state. Parallel to its scenery, the state also has a gun slingin’ past intertwined with Wild West culture and history. So, there is a little bit of everything in Wyoming. Although, with so much to see all across the state, how can you find the right places to visit? To make things easier, here is a look at the seven best towns in Wyoming for a weekend getaway!


The Worlds Largest Jackalope statue at the gas station along the roadside. Wearing a mask due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Dubois, Wyoming
The Worlds Largest Jackalope statue, wearing a mask, Dubois, Wyoming. Image credit melissamn via Shutterstock

Dubois is a quaint town of 900 residents in Fremont County, known for having a peaceful environment encompassed by a wide range of natural sights. Located in western Wyoming, the city is a short drive from the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. This immense park houses more than 2.2 million acres of land and receives millions of visitors each year. So, a trip here includes everything from hiking trails to wildlife watching and more. Moreover, if you visit Dubois during winter, it is a great place for many winter sports. Just go to the local Togwotee Pass and the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail which offer skiing trails, snowmobile rentals, and more! With all this, Dubois is the place to be for nature lovers.

Stay within the 3.5 square mile area of Dubois and there is still a lot to do. Thanks to its close-knit community and Wild West vibes, there are beautiful ranches throughout the town where you can get a taste of the cowboy lifestyle. Dubois is also one of the few places left that hold regular square dances at the local Rustic Pine Tavern. These events are popular and tourists often join in for the experience of a lifetime. All in all, Dubois is a joyous place that embodies the beauty of Wyoming.


A welcoming signboard at the beautiful city of Buffalo, Wyoming
A welcoming signboard in the beautiful city of Buffalo, Wyoming. Image credit Cheri Alguire via Shutterstock

Sitting between Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park, Buffalo is a great weekend rest stop in Wyoming. This city of 4,400 is rich in western culture and history, displayed on every corner. Once known as the "most lawless town" Buffalo is home to some unique historic attractions like the TA Ranch. Established in 1882, this ranch was the site where invaders hid during the Johnson County War. Another unique attraction is the local museum which has more than 15,000 artifacts that portray the region’s Wild West past.

Once you have had your fair share of Buffalo’s past, you can take in the many natural views it has to offer. Surrounded by parks, Buffalo is a few miles away from the Bighorn Mountains range. This mountain range spans more than 120 miles with the highest point being Cloud Peak at 13,175 feet Testament to this, the mountain range is a popular destination for many recreational activities such as hunting, hiking, backpacking, and more. Recently, activities such as ATV riding and snowmobiling have increased in popularity so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest at Buffalo!


High angle landscape of a river and multi-colored travertine cliff at Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, Wyoming
Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Located in Hot Springs County and named after the Greek word for “hot city,” this lovely city is home to one of the world’s largest natural hot springs, making it the perfect place for a weekend retreat. Nestled within the 1,100-acre Hot Springs State Park, you can find multiple mineral hot springs throughout which have a combined flow of more than 8,000 gallons per day! While watching these springs is fascinating enough, the park also offers many recreational activities. One of the most popular is the local bathhouse which allows tourists to take a bath in the therapeutic waters for free! The temperature is reduced as the waters are a bit too hot naturally at 135 °F. The park also offers hiking trails, boating, wildlife watching, and much more!

While this may be sufficient for a weekend trip, Thermopolis also houses the amazing Wyoming Dinosaur Center. This dinosaurs museum has more than 10,000 bones, excavated from nearby regions. It displays a wide range of fossils ranging from the sea turtle to the Thermopolis Specimen of Archaeopteryx which is rare. What makes this site even better for tourists is that it has a plethora of digging sites within fifteen minutes of the park. Purchase a ticket, and you can spend the day digging for prehistoric fossils. Moreover, with more than 14,000 bones discovered by visitors and staff, there are high chances you can find something amazing!


Famous Antler Arch at Jackson Town Square, Wyoming, with Cowboy Bar and ski slopes in the background
Famous Antler Arch at Jackson Town Square, Wyoming. Image credit VDB Photos via Shutterstock

Located in Teton County, Jackson is a popular tourist town surrounded by many natural attractions. For example, one of Wyoming’s most famous parks, Grand Teton National Park is only 10 minutes from Jackson. This park has an area of 310,000 acres which encompasses the beautiful Teton mountain range, thousands of animal species, lakes, and much more. With more than 200 miles of hiking trails along varying mountainous terrain, the park is quite popular for hiking, cycling, and camping. Additionally, Grand Teton National Park allows boating on the majority of lakes, so you can spend the day fishing while surrounded by water and endless beauty. While this park may be a prime attraction, things change up during winter in Jackson as it is also right next to Jackson Hole Mountain and Snow King Mountain. These ski resorts provide hundreds of routes and thousands of feet in elevation making them the perfect place to enjoy a winter weekend! Thanks to this, no matter when you visit Jackson, the natural beauty of Wyoming is eminent.

Drive back into town and Jackson still has a lot more to offer. Home to more than 10,000 residents you will experience a lively population that has an amazing culture. Incorporated as a municipality in 1914 and tourism-focused for more than a century, you will find amazing inns, hotels, and restaurants in town. For example, there are many rustic inns that give you a cozy feeling surrounded by nature. Moreover, downtown Jackson boasts restaurants serving local specialties like the elk tenderloin and Idaho rainbow trout for a delicious end to the day!


Centennial, Wyoming, Antique Union Pacific conductor's car. Caboose. Living quarters. Union Pacific rail worker's berth.
Centennial, Wyoming, Antique Union Pacific conductor's car. Image credit Rexjaymes via Shutterstock

If you want to take in Wyoming’s beautiful mountains during your weekend getaway, Centennial is the place to be. This quaint city in Albany County is the perfect base camp for hikers and tourists who want to visit the Medicine Bow mountains. Surrounded by Medicine Bow National Forest, the mountains that reach immense heights of nearly 13,000 feet at Clark Peak provide endless outdoor adventures. Testament to this, the range offers every activity you can imagine from a mountainous area such as hiking, biking, camping, hunting, and more. With so much to do, you can spend your entire weekend in Centennial and still have a lot of activities left over! If mountains are not your thing, the area also offers fishing and boating along its various lakes.

With its unique location, Centennial is also a great place for tourists to sit back and relax for a few days. Filled with lovely campgrounds and cabins such as the Mountain Meadow Cabins, you can find great places to stay throughout town. Along with this, there is an abundance of restaurants and bars so you can grab a bite or drink after a long hike. With a population of just 292, it does not get more peaceful than this no matter where you go!


Wyoming's legendary meeting place, the Mint Bar is Sheridan's oldest bar and the best place to order a ditch, straight up whiskey and water, Sheridan, Wyoming.
Wyoming's legendary meeting place, the Mint Bar, Sheridan, Wyoming. Image credit Sandra Foyt via Shutterstock

For a unique mix of Wyoming’s present and past, Sheridan is a lovely city to spend your weekend in, just north of Buffalo. The county seat of Sheridan County; this town of 19,095 emanates an Old West vibe. Whether this is through the wide open spaces, peace and quiet, or the nearby mountains, everything feels like a blast from the past. If this is not enough for you, take a trip to the Brinton Museum and Quarter Circle A Ranch. These sites display a wide range of artifacts and documents from the Wild West era of Wyoming.

Additionally, with world-class tours, you can delve into American history and how cowboys were at the time. Or, you can also check out the Trail End Historic Site, the home of a famous family during the early 1900s. Surrounded by the picturesque Bighorn Mountains, reaching heights of 13,000 feet, Sheridan is the perfect place for a long hike or weekend camp-out.


Lander, Wyoming, Statue of Cowboy resting on his horse
Lander, Wyoming, Statue of Cowboy. Image credit Fsendek via Shutterstock

Another city known for its Wild history encompassing the culture of the Wild West, Lander is a lovely small town. The county seat of Fremont County, Lander is home to 9.4 square miles of land and a lively 7,500 residents. Incorporated in 1890, the area of Lander was once the westward terminus of the "Cowboy Line" railway track. With such a unique railway line, Lander was bound to have an interesting story. So, to learn about what happened during the gun-slinging Wild West, you can spend the day at the local tourism center which features many guest ranches. Or, you can check out the nearby Wind River Indian Reservation which is one of the largest American Indian reservations and sheds light on the pre-1900 past of Lander. Apart from the past, you can see the rich culture today through various events that take place regularly.

Being in Wyoming, Lander also offers a plethora of sights and activities in nature. Just 7 miles down the road is the Sinks Canyon State Park which offers lovely scenery as well as the mystery of a disappearing river! Apart from this, winters are a whole new story as the white cover changes the city’s look entirely. During these cold months, you can visit Lander to enjoy the Wyoming State Winter Fair.

Wyoming is rich in both historical and natural beauty. Whether it is the Rocky Mountains, Wild West past, or even unique hot springs, there is something unique in each city. Moreover, you always have the option to choose between mountains, history, and other natural sights no matter where you go. So, plan your weekend quickly and visit one of the amazing Wyoming towns.

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