Historic Building along Main Street in Buckhannon, West Virginia. Editorial credit: Roberto Galan / Shutterstock.com

6 Towns Perfect for Retirement in West Virginia

West Virginia has some very good reasons to be a destination post-retirement. Some of those reasons include the fact it has affordable, safe towns and a strong sense of community.

Many of those towns have something special to offer retirees like outdoor activities, cultural happenings, and medical care. These places can help you save money and also let you live a nice slow, cozy life, ideal for those wanting to enjoy retirement.

Whether you love learning about history, being in nature, or joining in town activities, West Virginia's towns have something for everyone. These six towns are perfect choices for retirement in West Virginia.


Bridgeport, West Virginia.
Bridgeport, West Virginia. Image credit: Andre Carrotflower via Wikimedia Commons.

Bridgeport has a tight community vibe many retirees find peaceful and welcoming. It does not hurt that the average home costs $264,500, less than the national average.

It is near major highways, making it simple to go to places like Morgantown or Pittsburgh.

The surrounding areas are full of places to explore, perfect for hiking or just being outside. The West Fork River Trail is a favorite spot for a nice, quiet stroll.

There are also good spots right in town to spend time outdoors. The Bridgeport City Park is a great spot for walks and soaking in the outdoors. It has everything from walking trails to a pond you can fish out of.

It also has the Bridgeport Farmers Market, open seasonally, if you want to try local food and connect with the community.


Downtown Buckhannon, West Virginia.
Downtown Buckhannon, West Virginia. Image credit Roberto Galan via Shutterstock.com

Buckhannon shows what life is like in a classic American town with rustic buildings and a welcoming atmosphere.

It is located right by the Allegheny Mountains, surrounded by the grand scope of nature. So, the town is built for retirees who enjoy being outside, and offers plenty of hiking, fishing, and bird-watching opportunities.

It holds many events for over the course of the year, like the West Virginia Strawberry Festival. These events give people a chance to socialize and feel part of the community.

It also has lots of outdoor spots to try, like the Riverwalk Trail and the Upshur County Recreational Park. Both places offer a chance to move your legs while enjoying the sunshine.

If you pick this town as a retirement destination, go see the West Virginia Wildlife Center right outside town. It is not far from Buckhannon, offering visitors both native and introduced wildlife in a natural setting.


Houses on the western side of Maple Street just north of the U.S. Route 60 bridge in Lewisburg, West Virginia
Houses on the western side of Maple Street just north of the U.S. Route 60 bridge in Lewisburg, West Virginia

This town is full of interesting sights to take in after you retire, as it sits in the middle of the Greenbrier Valley, with mountains, forests, and rivers all around.

It might be a smaller country town, but Lewisburg is also close to big cities like Charleston. So, it is not hard to get big city amenities without having to live right in the hustle and bustle.

If you want to enjoy history after retiring, the town's Lewisburg Historic District is a local icon, known for its architecture, with buildings constructed at various points over the last two centuries.

Need some fine culture in your life? The town boasts a Carnegie Hall that is a hub for culture. Here, you can enjoy all sorts of events and workshops.

Feel like some outdoors instead? Grab your bike and head to the the Greenbrier River Trail. It stretches 78 miles and is ideal for these activities.

Charles Town

Downtown Charles Town, West Virginia.
Downtown Charles Town, West Virginia.

Though the price of homes might be a bit more compared to other places mentioned, this town offers safety and promotes a healthy way of living.

Charles Town, along with Jefferson County, provides plenty of activities designed to help seniors stay fit and well.

If you still have that passion to tackle the outdoors on a constant basis, the town is near the Shenandoah River and the Blue Ridge Mountains. So, it is ideal for people who love being outdoors.

The town is filled with fascinating places to visit and activities to enjoy. It has a deep historical background, featuring important sites such as the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Nearby, you will also find Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, which offers educational opportunities and an enjoyable experience for retirees.

There are also lots of fun festivals in the town, including the Charles Town Heritage Festival. This party celebrates the rich history of Charles Town and the surrounding region.


The downtown campus of WVU in Morgantown, West Virginia .
The downtown campus of WVU in Morgantown, West Virginia .

If you are the kind of retiree who is looking for constant outdoor activities post-retirement, Morgantown is a fine choice.

It is neighbors with some beautiful outdoor locations. You can go boating and fishing on the Monongahela River, or if you like hiking or watching birds, Coopers Rock State Forest and the Rail Trails are nearby.

The town’s design and setup are user-friendly for retirees. Public transport, like the PRT, is made easy to use, which means you can navigate the city easily without needing to drive.

Morgantown offers support for seniors with its health services, including WVU Medicine, which provides top-notch medical care.

It is also a center for the arts in the region. The Art Museum at West Virginia University shares exciting art collections and shows that spark cultural interest.

The town also brings people together through unique festivals all year round, like the MountainFest Motorcycle Rally and the West Virginia Wine and Jazz Festival.


Aerial view of Wheeling, West Virginia.
Aerial view of Wheeling, West Virginia.

Wheeling is a safe and affordable retirement choice, with houses costing around $130,000 on average and having low crime rates.

Some important sites are the Wheeling Suspension Bridge, which was an amazing piece of engineering from the 19th century, and neighborhoods from the Victorian time, like the historic Centre Market District.

The Wheeling Heritage Trail has lots of beautiful paths for walking and biking beside the Ohio River. It is great for retirees who want to stay active. You can also try Oglebay Park, which is a nice stop-off with its golf courses, walking paths, and gardens.

Having a culturally rich destination is also important. The town is full of life and culture. At the Capitol Theatre, you can catch all kinds of shows, including music concerts and plays, making it a convenient option for meeting friends.

Plus, the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra brings top-notch performances to the town, showcasing incredible talent.

In Conclusion

When you think of all the places you can retire, maybe West Virginia is not the first to pop up, but when you do some research, some serious positives start to emerge.

The state provides a practical choice for retirees with its affordable housing, low crime rates, and tight-knit communities.

From the walking paths in Bridgeport to the old roads in Wheeling, every one of these towns has special perks for a calm and affordable retirement.

If you want a life that is easygoing, peaceful, with plenty of chances for fun and being outside, West Virginia could be the right place for you.

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