The Civil War Memorial in Bentonville, Arkansas.

6 Best Small Towns in Arkansas For A Weekend Escape

Want to spend a tranquil, wonderful weekend in Arkansas? Check out these charming, quaint tiny towns that offer outdoor recreation, breathtaking views, and the chance to experience the local culture. Small towns in Arkansas provide the opportunity to unwind and connect with nature. Learn about the area's culture and history, and simply enjoy some basic small-town living as an escape from the chaos of the metropolis.

Eureka Springs

Historic downtown Eureka Springs, AR, with boutique shops and famous buildings.
Historic downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas, with boutique shops and famous buildings. Editorial credit: Rachael Martin /

The beautiful Victorian-style community of Eureka Springs is located in the Ozark Mountains. This location is renowned for its therapeutic hot springs and attractive lanes lined with upscale art galleries and boutiques. Stroll through the town's historic center to gain a sense of its rich history, or visit the magnificent Thorncrown Church to admire its ornate design. If you enjoy adventure, you'll enjoy exploring the sizable Lake Leatherwood City Park and its several trails.

Natural splendor and creative inspiration may be found in plenty in Eureka Springs. It's ideal for anyone seeking rest, excitement, or cultural exploration. Eureka Springs has something to suit every need, whether you're organizing a family holiday or a romantic getaway. So come and experience Eureka Springs' enchanted allure for yourself. 

Hot Springs

Aerial View of Downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas
Aerial View of Downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

There is a town hidden adjacent to the well-known Hot Springs National Park that is heaven for outdoor enthusiasts. Take advantage of the luxurious experiences offered by the healing natural hot springs, lovely hikes along the park's various paths, or even thrilling boat tours of Lake Hamilton. The lovely old-world elegance of Bathhouse Row, a cluster of spas that have been open since the 1900s, is an essential part of any vacation to this breathtaking region.

This place, which is rich in historical history, portrays the town's unique blending of the past and present well. Enjoy the rejuvenating effects of the natural surroundings and the tranquility and satisfaction of a genuinely unique experience. You must embrace the wide variety of things to do and be willing to set out on a wonderful adventure of discovery if you want to truly take advantage of everything that this amazing town has to offer.


Fayetteville Arkansas Downtown Washington County Court House NWA
The Washington County Courthouse in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Nestled in the core of the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville is a university city distinguished for its vivacious arts scene, trendy gastronomic havens, and cultural festivities. Embrace the opportunity to amble along the pathways at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, traverse the terrain at Mount Sequoyah Woods, or delve into the historic downtown square. Akin to a gemstone amid the mountains, this city is a cornucopia of rich offerings.

The landscape is an intricate blend of natural splendor and urbanity, where modernity harmonizes with the surrounding wilds. Fayetteville embodies modern cultural panache, a beaming hub that attracts locals and tourists alike. Its magnetism lies in the sophistication and diversity of its artistry, an ambiance that is truly unique.

Enthralled by its captivating aura, visitors can partake in a vast array of activities. From the delicacies of its culinary scene to the diversity of its cultural events, there is always something to delight the senses. This city is a captivating jewel that stands out for its profound natural beauty, rich cultural offerings, and vibrant energy. 

Mountain View

City Hall in Mountain View Arkansas
City Hall in Mountain View, Arkansas.

Mountain View, a lovely hamlet noted for its wealth of outdoor activities ideal for any nature lover, is located in the center of the Ozark National Forest. The town's well-known scenic pathways, numerous waterways, and rugged terrain are enjoyable for both adventurers and leisurely explorers. Take a journey through the Ozark Folk Center State Park to see secret waterfalls and spectacular rock formations in the Blanchard Springs Caverns to truly appreciate the breathtaking environment. Do you prefer a more tranquil setting? Unwind by the tranquil White River while taking in the local fauna and plants. Any outdoor enthusiast can find something to enjoy at Mountain View. Come relax in the area's pristine splendor and let nature do its magic.


Sunset over Beautiful Downtown Bentonville in Spring
Sunset over beautiful downtown Bentonville in spring.

The outstanding Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is in the center of Bentonville, a small yet endearing town. Bentonville is a town jam-packed with natural and cultural greatness, and it's known for its killer outdoor art pieces, bike trails, and lighted farmers' markets. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the picture-perfect gardens of the museum, meander along the fun trails of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, or take in the lively energy of the busy downtown square.

Whether you're a fearless traveler or an inquisitive tourist, Bentonville has a way of hypnotizing and igniting the imagination. Absorb yourself in the alluring environment, where beauty can be found everywhere, and the past and present converge. Bentonville is a town that will steal your heart and leave you panting for air with its unrivaled elegance and undeniable attraction.

Little Rock

Little rock, arkansas
The gorgeous skyline of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Nestled in the heart of Arkansas, the capital city of Little Rock effortlessly combines metropolitan refinement with natural splendor. Guests can embark on an expedition to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, traverse the winding trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park, or meander through the River Market District for an exquisite shopping and gastronomical experience. With numerous serene lakes and rivers dotting the landscape, outdoor enthusiasts will relish in the chance to explore the area's lush greenery and stunning scenery. The state parks offer a cornucopia of exhilarating activities, from camping under the starry sky to fishing and boating on tranquil waters. Visitors can also immerse themselves in the captivating history of Little Rock and the surrounding region, from the battlefields of the Civil War to the iconic landmarks of the civil rights movement. Whether seeking an adventurous escapade or a cultural retreat, Little Rock is an idyllic destination that promises to inspire and delight.

Arkansas, a concealed and little-known region, holds many small towns that present a multitude of prospects for thrilling escapades and unwinding moments. Delight in the charm of these six towns, offering breathtaking bodies of water, picturesque peaks, and state parks that can make your weekend sojourn worthwhile. Without delay, plan your trip today and bask in the magnificence of this state's untouched nature. 

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