Downtown Vicksburg, Mississippi.

10 Of The Most Quaint Small Towns In Mississippi

In the southern part of the United States lies beautiful Mississippi, also known as the Magnolia State, named after two of its most prominent natural gifts. One is the famous Mississippi River, and the other is the Magnolia tree, which grows in the state. Though small in size, the state of Mississippi is filled with history, traditions, and exhilarating activities. The entire state is a sight to behold, filled with small and big towns, each giving visitors a peaceful demeanor.

If you love old, quiet, and attractive towns, then you should add this list of quaint small towns in Mississippi to your vacation bag. This list highlights some of the old-fashioned small towns buried amongst the big towns in the state. They might be small, but they have a lot to offer tourists, retirees, and people looking for adventures in unexpected places. 

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

The Hancock bank of Bay St Louis, Mississippi. 
The Hancock bank of Bay St Louis, Mississippi. 

Bay St. Louis is first on our list of quaint small towns in Mississippi. It is based in Hancock County, and coincidentally, it is the County's seat. Talk about a place with a fantastic view. The beach side of Bay St. Louis provides a natural sunset backdrop for visitors and locals to take the perfect pictures. You get to enjoy this view at beaches like Waveland Beach or Jimmy Rutherford Fishing Pier, which doubles as a relaxing beach and a fishing spot. You could ride a boat or cruise at Betsy Ann Riverboat or Cruisin Tikis Bay. Visit the town's restaurant, Bogart's Steakhouse, for some fine seafood dining, or check out Starfish Cafe, a cute vegan-friendly local restaurant. Don't leave Bay St. Louis without window shopping for souvenirs at Bay Life Gifts or Antique Maison. 

Port Gibson, Mississippi

A courthouse building in Port Gibson, Mississippi.
A courthouse building in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

The next stop is Port Gibson, one of the oldest European-American settlements in Mississippi. This small town was founded by Samuel Gibson in 1788. Although small in size, this town has witnessed a lot of battles. The most prominent being the "Battle of Port Gibson." This battle started near Port Gibson and led to the siege of Vicksburg. The only reason Port Gibson was spared, in the words of General Ulysses S. Grant, is that it was "too beautiful to burn." When you get there, you should visit the historic Wintergreen Cemetery and go for lunch at 61 Fish Market and Restaurant. The town's major trades are lumber and plastics. If you want to get into the lumber business, visit Port Gibson; you might learn a thing or two. 

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Mississippi River bridge, at Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Mississippi River bridge at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

A weekend in this historic city of Mississippi is every tourist's dream. On the east bank of the Mississippi River is a small town called Vicksburg, named after the Methodist Missionary Newitt Vick in 1825. This town has seen its fair share of battles, the most outstanding being the battle against the Natchez people.

Vicksburg might be small in size, but the town is filled with endless adventures for Tourists and locals. You can watch the sunset behind the beautiful mural paintings by the Vicksburg Waterfront or learn more about the town's history at the Old Court House Museum. While at it, enjoy a local meal at Rusty's Riverfront Grill or The Tomato Place. If you find yourself in Vicksburg during the summer, make sure to attend the Miss Mississippi Pageant.

Cleveland, Mississippi

The Grammy Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi
The Grammy Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi. Editorial credit: Nina Alizada /

At the center of the Mississippi Delta is a small town with a lot of musical history. Cleveland, the "Birthplace of the Blues," has its musical history mixed with a perfect blend of African-American culture. This town, despite its size, is a popular stop for tourists. The area is always bursting with life from the numerous restaurants and commercial stores. You should check out The Farmhouse Table and Vowell's Supermarket. While in Cleveland, visit the four makers of the Mississippi Blues Trail and the Grammy Museum, listen to songs from local artists, and dance into the new day.

Canton, Mississippi

Madison County Courthouse in Canton Mississippi
Madison County Courthouse in Canton, Mississippi.

In the heart of Central Mississippi is the county seat of Madison County, a small town called Canton. Just 20 miles away from the popular Jackson City, this small town is the perfect getaway destination for people looking to have a quiet vacation. The major economic source of Canton is Soybean and livestock production, making it a great place for retirees looking to live a quiet farm life after retirement. Canton is on our list of quaint small towns in Mississippi because of its well-preserved historic sites. From the beautiful Cherokee County Courthouse, one of the few old courthouses in Mississippi still standing, to the old Madison County Jail, which started operations in 1991. You can also go shopping at the Canton Flea Market or attend the oldest hot-air balloon festival in Mississippi, which is held from June to July annually. You're sure to have a great time in Canton, Mississippi.

Natchez, Mississippi

Aerial view of Natchez, Mississippi.
Aerial view of Natchez, Mississippi.

Talk about a quaint small town. Natchez is an internationally recognized quaint small town. It is the oldest town in Mississippi, established in 1716 by the French and Natchez Indians. This town is the county seat and the only town in the whole of Adam County. Regardless of its size and age, this little Mississippi town is a very important stop on every tourist's journey. Natchez is home to over 600 historic sites, each telling a unique story about the small town. 

Aside from history, there are endless cuisine options to choose from, leaving many tourists confused about what to eat. Magnolia Grill is one of the best restaurants to check out. If you're looking for a perfect destination for your wedding, Natchez, Mississippi, is the right place. It provides couples with beautiful scenery that looks like something out of an old English movie. They also hold an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival if you're there in October. Being a few miles away from some of the big and popular cities in Mississippi, it is easy to overlook this beauty, and that's why it's on this list of quaint small towns in Mississippi.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

The gulf coast beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
The gulf coast beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Are you looking for a place with good food, rich history, bubbling nightlife, and a spectacular view? Look no further. Welcome to Ocean Springs, a quaint small town in Mississippi right on the Gulf coast of the Mississippi River. Ocean Springs offers tourists fine dining options with beautiful scenery at Anthony's Under The Oaks and Vestige. You can also shop for memorabilia at Hilyer House or Love and Aesthetics. This town is on our list of quaint small towns in Mississippi because of its artistic architecture and welcoming hospitality. It's a place for both the young and old, rich and poor, art and music lovers, you name it.

Grenada, Mississippi

Downtown Grenada, Mississippi.
Downtown Grenada, Mississippi.

On the seat of Grenada County is the beautiful town of Grenada. Grenada is a quaint small town in Mississippi that has been through a lot of wars in the past. This small town played a significant role during the Civil War and in the Civil Rights Movement. It was noted that in 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Dick Gregory spent a week at Grenada demonstrating for voters rights. Aside from its war history, Grenada has a lot in store for visitors and locals alike. You can go kayaking down Grenada Lake or fishing at the Lake's fishing pier. How about an evening outside Purdie Creek Campground, watching the stars and listening to the Grenada Blues? While at it, don't forget to take pictures of the town's beautiful scenery.

Tupelo, Mississippi

Fair Park in front of Tupelo City Hall in Tupelo, Mississippi
Fair Park in front of Tupelo City Hall in Tupelo, Mississippi. Editorial credit: Chad Robertson Media /

Ever heard of the King of Rock, Elvis Presley? Welcome to the birthplace of the rock legend Elvis. Who would have ever thought a small town like Tupelo would produce such a legend? This small town is the perfect place for a weekend with the family. You can visit the Elvis Presley Museum, a museum dedicated to the rock star. From there, you can spend the afternoon at the Tupelo Buffalo Zoo and see unique animals like the Bison, Zebras, etc. Then, have a nice relaxing dinner at Huddle House or Grata Grille and Bar. Don't forget to take pictures at these locations to keep these memories fresh.

Corinth, Mississippi

Corinth Contraband Camp, Shiloh National Military Park.
Corinth Contraband Camp, Shiloh National Military Park, IN Corinth, Mississippi. Editorial credit: EWY Media /

This small town of Mississippi once served as a railroad junction in the 1800s, and because of its strategic position, the town played a major role in the Civil War. Corinth is an old-fashioned town that holds a lot of Mississippi's Civil War history, and that is why it is on this list of quaint small towns in Mississippi. To enjoy a relaxed and fun weekend, you can add these activities to your to-do list: Kayaking along the rivers in Corinth Lake, visiting the Corinth Civil War Museum, biking up the Corinth bike trail at the City Hall, and finally, enjoying an evening of cool music by local artists at the Square with a cup of beer in hand. 

Mississippi is a beautiful state with so many charming places that make a great vacation spot. Like every other state in the United States, this state is a mix of big and small towns, and it is very easy to get carried away by the beauty of the big cities. This list of quaint small towns in Mississippi has been compiled to get you started. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hop on the first flight down to Mississippi. The locals are always happy to see new faces. 

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