Which States Are Considered The Deep South?

A map showing one interpretation of the Deep South.
A map showing one interpretation of the Deep South.

The Deep South is a geographic and cultural region in the southern United States. The Deep South can include or exclude some states depending on the context. It commonly refers to the following states: Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana. Some definitions include Texas because of its history of slavery and as a member of the Confederate States of America. Some definitions also include North Florida and Arkansas. The state of Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and South Carolina were the first States to secede and form the Confederate States of America.

Origin Of The Deep South

History defines the Deep South as the original seven states of Confederacy, although the term was first used long after the Civil War ended. Before the war, the region was known as the “Lower South" and included Georgia, Florida, northern Alabama, North Louisiana, East Texas, and Mississippi. The latter definition expanded to cover the entire state of Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Florida, and East Texas. The broadest interpretation used today extends from Eastern North Carolina, South Carolina, East Texas, and the states along the Mississippi.

Politics Of The Deep South

The region was predominantly in support of the Democratic Party for the large part of the 19th and 20th centuries because it considered the Republican Party responsible for igniting the Civil War that decimated the social and economic order of the region. However, the area mostly votes Republican today. One exception to this was the 1976 election, when Georgia overwhelmingly supported Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination, as he was a native Georgian.


The Deep South was historically the agricultural powerhouse of the United States, but manufacturing and processing Industries are gradually taking over. The chemical industry, food processing, coal products, and petroleum dominate Louisiana. Alabama transitioned from agriculture to manufacturing, technology, mining, and education. Farms in the Deep South have become fewer but more extensive as the states consolidate large-scale farming to maximize output.


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