Which Countries Border More Than One Ocean?

Many countries on Earth border at least one ocean.
Many countries on Earth border at least one ocean.

Which Countries Border More Than One Ocean?

The ocean is a large mass of saline water that comprises most of the hydrosphere of the planet, covering about 71% of the world's surface. There are five oceans on Earth, from largest to smallest they are: the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean. The combined oceans are home to about 230,000 known plants and animal species with even more species that have yet to be discovered. The ocean plays a significant role in influencing climate and weather patterns. Astonishingly, oceanographers believe that only 5% of the World Ocean has been explored. There are many countries that border two or more oceans of the world.

South Africa

Located in the southernmost region of the continent of Africa, the Republic of South Africa is confined by about 1,739 miles of the Southern African coastline to the south that stretches along both the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The Cape of Good Hope is the point of division between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.


Officially known as the Russian Federation, Russia is a country located in Eurasia (Europe and Asia). Russia is vast, covering over one eighth of the inhabited land area on Earth. The country extends over most of the Northern Asia region and also most of Eastern Europe. Russia shares its border with the North Pacific Ocean, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean.


Located in the northern half of the continent of North America, Canada comprises of three territories and ten provinces. Canada is the second largest country in the world by total area while by land area the country is the world's fourth largest. The border between Canada and the US is the longest binational land border in the world. The country also shares its border by the North Pacific Ocean, the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.


Officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, the country comprises of the Australian mainland, the island of Tasmania, and many other small islands. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by total area. The country is bordered by the South Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean.

Which Countries Border More Than One Ocean?

RankContinentCountryPacific OceanAtlantic OceanIndian OceanPolar OceansOceans
1Africa South AfricaSouth AtlanticIndian OceanSouthern Ocean2 or 3
2Africa & Asia EgyptMediterranean SeaRed Sea2
3Asia IsraelMediterranean SeaRed Sea2
4Asia ThailandGulf of ThailandAndaman Sea2
5Asia MalaysiaSouth China SeaAndaman Sea2
6Asia IndonesiaPacific OceanIndian Ocean2
7Asia East TimorSavu Sea, Flores SeaTimor Sea2
8Asia & Europe RussiaNorth PacificBlack Sea Baltic SeaArctic Ocean3
9Europe NorwayNorwegian SeaBarents Sea2
10North America GreenlandNorth AtlanticArctic Ocean2
11North America CanadaNorth PacificNorth AtlanticArctic Ocean3
12North America United StatesNorth PacificArctic Ocean2
13North America United StatesNorth PacificNorth Atlantic2
14North America MexicoPacific OceanGulf of Mexico Caribbean Sea2
15North America GuatemalaPacific OceanGulf of Honduras2
16North America HondurasGulf of FonsecaCaribbean Sea2
17North America NicaraguaPacific OceanCaribbean Sea2
18North America Costa RicaPacific OceanCaribbean Sea2
19North America & South America PanamaGulf of PanamaCaribbean Sea2
20South America ColombiaPacific OceanCaribbean Sea2
21South America ChileSouth PacificStraits of MagellanSouthern Ocean2 or 3
22South America ArgentinaSouth AtlanticDrake Passage1 or 2
23Australia AustraliaSouth PacificIndian OceanSouthern Ocean2 or 3
24AntarticaSouth PacificSouth AtlanticIndian OceanSouthern Ocean3 or 1

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