Where is the Waterpark Capital of the World?

The city of Wisconsin Dells has numerous indoor and outdoor waterparks. Editorial credit: Keith Homan / Shutterstock.com
The city of Wisconsin Dells has numerous indoor and outdoor waterparks. Editorial credit: Keith Homan / Shutterstock.com

The city of Wisconsin Dells, in the US state of Wisconsin, is the unofficial waterpark capital of the world. In fact, the waterparks draw so many people to the locale that it is renowned across the Midwestern United States as a popular tourist attraction.

Tourism in Wisconsin Dells

Tourism is the bedrock upon which the economy of Wisconsin Dells rests. Although this may seem like an unusual fact for a small city in central Wisconsin, it's important to explain what about the city makes this the case. Though it may not have cultural or environmental pull, Wisconsin Dells' true grandeur lies in the numerous outdoor and indoor waterparks, which have earned it the reputation of “the Waterpark Capital of the World.”

The Dells has beautiful sandstone formations, and enjoys a humid continental climate. This scenic place attracts city dwellers from different US cities keen on shutting away the hustle and bustle of city life for sightseeing. Other notable tourist attractions jam-packed in this small area include horse racing, boat tours, zip lining, golf courses, amusement parks, mini golf, water sports, and even a water skiing show. Accommodation facilities include motels, chain hotels, and parks with indoor and outdoor waterparks, as well as other social amenities.

The city depends on bus and trains for its transportation needs. Wisconsin city has its own local newspaper named Wisconsin Dells Events. Of equal importance, the city also has two local radio stations.

The History of Water Parks in Wisconsin Dells

The Polynesian Resort Hotel ventured into the market as an indoor waterpark resort in 1979. Ever since, the number of resorts/indoor waterparks has been on the rise, with each new entrant struggling to have the most innovated waterslides, and also to claim the enviable title of America’s largest park.

The city of Wisconsin Dells has grown tremendously over the span of years since its formation. The acceleration of its growth can be partly attributed to the water skiing show otherwise known as Tommy Bartlett’s Thrill Show. This travelling performance show made a debut into Wisconsin Dells in 1952 and had tremendous success in that city. The owner thus travelled no more, making the city famous for the show. This attracted many more tourists in the city and hence more tourist attractions sprung up. Many hotels, modern restaurants, and rest places came into being to serve the ever-increasing number of tourists.


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