Where Is The Archipelago Sea?

The islands of the of the Archipelago Sea are interconnected by bridges, ferries, and other vessels.
The islands of the of the Archipelago Sea are interconnected by bridges, ferries, and other vessels.

The Archipelago Sea is part of the Baltic Sea that is strategically located in between the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland, and the Sea of Aland. Archipelago literally means a group of islands. The Archipelago Sea is located within the Finish territorial waters.

Geography of the Archipelago Sea

The Archipelago Sea is roughly triangular in shape. The tips of the triangles are the three Finnish cities of Mariehamn, Hank, and Uusikaupunki. The total area covered by the sea is approximately 8,300 square kilometers. About 2,000 square kilometers of the sea is covered by the islands. The sea is quite shallow with an average depth of 23 meters. For this reason, large ships and water vessels cannot navigate through the water channels. Among the most notable features of the Archipelago Sea include the three crater-like formations. One of the crater like-feature includes the Lumparn. The Lumparn is considered to be a genuine impact crater whereas the two others, which are Fjalskar and Ava, are seen as more of intrusions.

Climate of the Archipelago Sea

The weather and climatic conditions are mostly constant through the numerous islands. However, there are usually slight variations in atmospheric conditions. Day temperatures in the summer are usually between 15–25°C. The sunshine in the archipelago is comparable to mainland Finland. The amount of rain in the archipelago is less compared to the mainland. Westerly winds are the most common in the Archipelago. Storms are occasionally experienced during spring and autumn. During winter, snow usually covers the sea.

Islands in the Archipelago Sea

The archipelago is a term used to refer to a group of islands in a sea. The Archipelago Sea has the largest number of islands in the world. Despite this, some of the islands are very small, closely located together, and with minimal life in them. The larger islands are inhabited by people and other forms of life. The islands are interconnected by bridges, ferries, and other vessels. The Aland Islands, which are the largest in the sea, form part of Finland. The other islands are considered to be part of Southwest Finland. The population of the islands is approximately 60,000. Over a quarter of the total population live in Aland.

Ecology and Nature in the Archipelago Sea

The nature and ecology of the islands in the Archipelago Sea tend to vary a lot depending on the rocks at which the island is situated. For this reason, the ecology of the Archipelago Sea tends to be quite unique. Some of the flora and fauna of the sea are endemic to the region. Thus, the Archipelago Sea and its islands is a top tourist destination. The islands are home to a variety of seabirds which include mute swan, black guillemot, seagulls, great cormorants, and the great crested grebes. Due to its shallow nature, the risk of eutrophication at the sea is high. This is brought about by the refuse from industries, human waste, and fish farms. Some of the endangered species found on the islands of the Archipelago Sea include the Caspian tern, greater scaup, grey seal, and ringed seal.


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